Behind the Campfires

Pedalling Continents @pushpedalJune 2019 · 2 min read

Behind the Campfires

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Having completely cycled through Asia in the last 15 months, I wanted to make a video to show the devastating state of plastic pollution. It is often with travellers that we share the best and beautiful photos. Even if the location has rubbish we would avoid including them in the shot. Well this is different - over 15 months, 17000 kilometers of cycling, we've been collecting photos of the worse examples of plastic pollution.


This shot was from the highway. It was at a truck rest stop and every truck drivers were carelessly throwing out rubbish from their trucks. Obviously they get blown and this has created a powerful photo of the vast damage plastic pollution has become.


This patch of greenery was a popular picnic place. Everyone came bringing with them bottled drinks and single-use plastic items. We were really happy to find somewhere nice to camp. In the morning after we packed up, we all collected as much rubbish as we could to burn.


It was meant to be the main attraction for a village we stayed in one night. The waterfalls had been littered with everything imaginable. Our friend guided us to see the beautiful waterfall, but also shared disappointment at the pollution.


While in China they blame their high population for every problem, in Tajikistan their low population couldn't excuse them. Our effort in this photo was to remove all the plastic nearest to the river so it doesn't get into the waterways. Once it's in the water it is nearly impossible to retrieve.

Iran (again)

We were so sad and disappointed. This island was meant to be a retreat from all the city dwellers. However far away you are, the travellers themselves leave behind their rubbish ruining the experience for everyone else.

I'm not really good with quotes, but I am hoping from this experience, I can show everyone the dire situation we have ahead

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