Re: Havey’s Australia & New Zealand Adventure Part 23 – Milford Sound, New Zealand

I really enjoyed reading the Māori legend about Poipoitahi, that's a new one to remember.
I don't remember walking the Chasm walk but the fall looks beautiful.
When I did the cruise the waterfall didn't have much water but we still got a little spray when the captain got us closer to it. Drive safe while you're on NZ roads (:


Yea the Maori legends are really interesting to learn about. What I wrote is just a small snippet of the whole story, there's a lot to it which can keep you hooked.

The Chasm is actually not so obvious when you're driving down, we did miss it the first time as we were driving past and it was only on the way back that we saw it at the last minute and went in.

We had a lot of rain the night before and a little in the day which probably added to the falls. It was around May time that we went so mid Autumn.

I'm back from the travels now (unfortunately) but I'm hoping to go back out there again to NZ. There's more epic road trips to come yet!

Thanks for checking this one out!