On his way to SteemFest, we met up with @for91days in Barcelona for a drink near the Arena 🐂. We say "drink" because we normally don't drink alcohol and luckily the place had orange juice! As a big Steem fan, we have been writing our travel adventure on Travelfeed for sometimes now and it was exciting to meet up with @for91days. On discord we've been meaning to sign up as a curator but recently both of us had been busy with our own things.

We talked about TravelFeed, Steem and also about our travel!!! It was particularly exciting time because we recently got a friend to sign up and share her travel adventure on Steem too (please check out >> @onewomanwalks << and give her some Steem love 💙). To be honest, it's been very difficult getting our friends to sign up, although we've tried our best to show them our Steem profile with our posts and their reward, most of our travel friends weren't interested in signing up to Steem and TravelFeed!

Initially we, @pushpedal started posting on Steem through the Steemit website, and then through Partiko. After following TravelFeed's many development, we moved on to writing our blog their very own web app (https://travelfeed.io). It is slick, mobile friendly and easy to use. Many features had been added to keep the experience as painless as possible. We've certainly enjoyed using travelfeed.io! Now you won't even need to learn about Steem before you start writing, simply head over to travelfeed.io, signup and instantly get to writing (and make sure you follow the quality requirements too).

Good luck @for91days for SteemFest, I hope you don't lose your voice from all the talking!