I walked from the parking area through the small lane toward the water palace. They were some sellers along the lane who offer me to fish food. "Food for the fish!" that's what they said. A packet cost 5000 rupiah or (USD 40 cent), and they were come in different colors. I wonder if the taste was different based on their colors. Well, I should ask the fish!

The entrance to Tirta Gangga or the water palace.

The morning was so bright and pleasant when I walked into the Tirta Gangga, known as the water palace. There were already many people taking photos on the stepping stones on one of the pool. Other group of people were feeding koi in different parts of the pools.

There were already many people in the water palace, and there would be more later during the day.

Tirta Gangga was built by the King of East Bali (Karangasem Kingdom) starting in 1940. It was gradually improved for years after it was started to built. In 1963, the highest mount in Bali located in the east, erupted, caused major destruction to the water palace. Nowadays, the palace has been restored and become one of the popular destination in Bali.

Some tourists fed the fish and took photos of themselves and the fish.

There were four pools there. One one of the pool there were stepping blocks that went zigzagging from one end to the other end. Next to this pool was a pagoda like tower called Dewata Nawa Sanga Tower representing the Nine gods.

The stepping blocks were the perfect places to take photos. The blocks zigzagged from one end to other end of the pool.

The tower of Dewata Nawa Sanga or the nine gods tower.

The tower of nine gods from north side.

The next pool was bigger, at least twice the size of the first pool. There were lots of kois in this pool. There were two pools at the back, it was function like a swimming pool. And there were fish in the swimming pool too, but only little fish that probably escaped from the main pool. Can you imagine swimming with fish?

The next pool was bigger with small island in the middle that you can reach via a bridge from the edge of the pool.

The left pool was the swimming pool, the tower, and the stepping blocks pool on the far end. On the foreground is the bigger pool.

The bridge to the island on the second pool.
Photo of the serpent body statue.
"The island on the bigger pool has some small pond with water fountains.
There were boats in the bigger pool that you can hire to just wander around the pool.

At the back of the water palace was a pavilion surrounded by flower garden and meadow. This would be a place for local visitors to relax with their family.

Small lotus pond on the garden in north side.

To the north side, there were flowers garden with lotus ponds and also a restaurant which was recently built. Tourists could have drink or meal there while enjoying the view of the water palace.

The water palace was become more and more popular nowadays. Tourists came to this place because they want to take photos. They also want to take photos like what the influencers do, taking photos on the stepping blocks on while feeding the fish, with the background of the Dewata Nawa Sanga tower at the background.