In case you wondered what this Nomad Cruise is all about. It's hard to explain. To me, after a few cruises, it has mostly become about the people. Seeing my friends again, getting inspired by new stories and travelling to (for me) unfamiliar places with a huge group is what makes it something that I can look forward to.

It just starts as a Digital Nomad Conference at sea. You spend your days on a cruise ship listening to talks, meeting people, participating in workshops and getting inspired by people living (or wanting to live) the location independent worker lifestyle. Everyone has a different style of doing so and all with different levels of success. But that doesn't matter during a pool party where the drinks are free!

After the cruise, it isn't over! And that is something to be aware of if you ever want to join one of these cruises. Being back on land, without the talks, there is time to catch up on some work but still enjoy the company of your fellow nomads. People tend to hang around and that is also massively encouraged. Quite funny to see so many familiar faces all the time when walking around the streets in Brazil. It's like the nomads took over the town!

As an introvert, the cruise is challenging to me in so many ways. But who doesn't like a little challenge sometimes, right? After the last cruise (Nomad Cruise 7) I spend my me-time recovery period in Brazil, Argentina and Chile: places I would not have considered if the cruise wouldn't have dropped me in Brazil. It was away from the rest of the nomads, but I kinda needed that after such an intense time on the cruise.

At this moment, when I type this, many of the cruisers are preparing to celebrate New Year's Eve in Rio de Janeiro. And yes, FOMO is real... something you learn during these cruises! But there is always the next cruise!