's meetup in Bangkok was awesome!!!

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I'm sitting here (smiling much like the lady on the carousel in the photo below) trying to write how I feel about the's meetup in Bangkok, post Steemfest, but I can't get anywhere because snippets of memories keeps interrupting my train of thought. That and I don't think I have the words to fully describe everything but I have to start somewhere so I'll start with the people.

I finally got to meet @for91days he's one of the first people if not the first person who I actually had correspondence with on Steemit and for sure the person who led me down the travel blogging path. Not only that, he taught me some of the tips and tricks of using the steemit platform as well. I'm pretty sure I would have bailed on Steem if it wasn't for him and Travelfeed. My only regret thus far is that I only got to buy him one beer and I didn't even get to buy a beer for @wanderein or @jpphotography it was truly a pleasure chatting and having that photo walk with those two awesome people. I must say that I truly appreciate everyone's efforts, thank you!

Then there's @waybeyondpadthai I've seen her posts and vids before and recognized her but didn't know her username. I've always wondered how much effort it takes to vlog and always thought it was a lot of work (I hate doing video work) but then out of the blue she turns on her cam, equipped with a dead cat'd mic on a gimbal and "one take" makes an entry, right in front of me! I was like DAAAAYAAAM that was awesome! She made it look so effortlessly easy! I also met some of TeamMalaysia's members @elizacheng, @fitinfun, @littlenewthings and a few others that I only remember the names of but haven't found their blog yet. I'm so glad to have met these 3 ladies and chat with them because the Steem positive energies they radiate is contagious! I also got to have meaningful conversations in Cantonese (something I haven't had in years), which made me homesick a bit.

There are still some people that I didn't get a chance to talk to. Well, that's a lie, I did have chances to speak to everyone but I'm the type of person who only starts conversations when I have a question (read: kinda shy). My apologies. Also I must apologize to those people that I did talk to but can't remember their names and/or handles.

I just came up with a bigger regret. I don't have any pictures of these wonderful people I met and shared time with, not a single one. To put things in perspective, I'm a photographer, it's my job to take pictures but I was so enthralled with everyone, I didn't get around to it! So I guess I'll have to adorn this post with pics of my fav images I took while on my photowalk at Golden Mount which I never would have gotten if I had not attended's meetup!

Thanks again, for the memories! You "guys" are all so awesome, I can't wait to meet you all again somewhere, sometime!

If you haven't checked out what is all about, you really should and I highly recommend making it to one of their meet ups!

Here's some links: website's Steemfest presentation / android app /

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Thanks for viewing and best wishes!

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I am so glad you all had a great time. My wife and I were planning on going but made the last minute decision to leave Bangkok and head to Pattaya beach for the remainder of our time here.



Thanks for stopping by and for the support. I'm sorry to have missed you but happy you and the Mrs. got to hit the beach! I've never been, yet, but I heard it's great!


As long as you keep these memories in your heart, you don't need any pictures. I was starstruck meeting and I'm so happy that I was able to get the ball rolling with you. Thank you so so much again for coming out and let us pressure you to come with us to the festival. Let's cross paths soon again! You're an awesome guy!


Wow, thanks! Will definitely try to meet up with y'all again because y'all are so AWESOME!!! 8-)


So glad to meet you! That photowalk by the canal was so fun. Til next TF meet up 😃


For Sure!! We'll try not to lose anyone next time, lol.


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