In Bali we stayed at Bali Sunset Villa. Please do not imagine that the villla is located by the beach or on the top of hill. Bali Sunset Villa is only a 3 star hotel. It's located quite far from the beach. However, it's a confortable and pleasant place to stay with our family.

Bali Sunset Villa is situated on Nakula 2 Street, Gang Baik-Baik No 9, Seminyak of Kuta District. For us, Bali Sunset Villa was a nice accomodation. It's not so far from the main street.

After having dinner at Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk, our driver took us to the villa. It was almost late at night. My children were so sleepy. They need a bed as soon as possible. But, we must be patient since we had to check in first. We had already booked a room several weeks ago before going Bali.

The front desk area is simple but nice. We could find the desk, right after we walk inside the hotel. 

We were served by a nice guy. He was a friendly staff of the hotel. We were as if in our own home. I believed that we will be happy and enjoyful to stay in the hotel.

I believed this hotel provide good service for their guests. They are ready to take for free their guests to the beaches we love to visit. Look at this leaflet. 

After checking in, we were accompanied to our room by a beautiful staff. She was also so friendly. Our room was 101 Suite. We were almost inpatient for entering the room.

The room was so nice, spacious, and clean. The bed was also so comfortable. I had a very good sleep that night. The first night in Bali for my wife and children since it was the very first time they visited Bali.

The also provide enough toiletries. There are toothbrush, shower cap, shampoo, shower gel, and sanitary bag. 

The most thing that I like from the hotel is privat pool. My children loved the pool so much. They were swimming there, even before breakfast.

They were so excited to know that there is a privat pool in our room. They want to stay longer here. Unfortunately, we were in Bali for 5 days.

The pool is connected to kitchen. I was eating some snacks while watching my children swimming. 

The Restaurant

After my children finished swimming, we were prepared for having breakfast. We need some good energy that morning since we will visit some places in Bali. 

The restaurant of this hotel is nice, calm and it has simple interior. Most parts of the restaurant made of wood. Tables and chairs were also made of wood. 

There is also outdoor area. There are some tables and chairs there. It’s a good place to have a cup of coffee while smoking. 

We enjoyed the meals and drink for the breakfast. The hotel provide local, national and international foods and drink though they are only a small hotel. I have some pancakes and a cup of tea. 

Let’s see what I found on their table. They look so delicious. 

Not only local, but they also provide international foods
Not only local, but they also provide international foods

It’s a great decoration on the wall. And a nice arrangement of food
It’s a great decoration on the wall. And a nice arrangement of food

Nice bar.
Nice bar.

Frankly, I love the service I got here. Bali Sunset Villa is a nice place for budget travelers like us. Hopefully, my review could give you some knowledge about this hotel. 

Wa regard,