After having lunch at a restaurant in Kedongonan Fish Market, Jimbaran as I told on previous post, we were heading for Tanah Lot Temple. After driving for about 1 hour, we arrived in Tanah Lot Temple area. This was my second visit, but my wife and children were their first ever time to visit Bali. 

It seemed not much changes since I visited this sacred place about 3 years ago. I still found the gate. The gate is exactly no changes. We stood before the gate, and we took some pictures. 

I confess that this place was so calm and so pleasant. We walked into the area, and we found many souvenir shops there. They are a lot. They sell many things. If we were walking there, it’s probably we would buy some things from the souvenirs shops there. 

Then we went down to a concreted road. This street lead us to the Tanah Lot Temple. This street is flanked by many souvenirs shops. They do their business in the tourism destination. The weather was so good, it was not so hot and no rainy. We had a lucky dat, for sure. 

We kept walking while observing what could we bought from the souvenirs shop. In about 5 minutes, we arrived at the inner gate.

After passing this gate, we could immediately see the temple. The temple is on the rock. And it looks abraded by the waves. Someone has to save the temple. 

However, I could tell you that Tanah Lot means “land in the sea” in Balinese Language. The temple is so strong on the rock formation, and also an ancient Hindu Temple in Bali. They call it “Pura Tanah Lot.” 

Many Hindu prayers come to here to pray for their health, wealth, and many orher things. 

We really enjoyed the moment. Many visitors visited this temple too. This is really a tourist attraction. But, the government or who in charge would not easy for here to find girl. 

Tanah Lot in Bali is one of icon in Bali. Hundreds thousands of tourist visit the temple each year.