After finishing souvenir shopping at Agung Bali Souvenir Store, we were heading for Pandawa Beach. We would love to enjoy the nature beauty there. It is also a famous public beach in Bali. You may not miss it when you travel to this island. 

But for sure, during Covid-19 pandemic is not a perfect time to visit the island. My travel story in Bali is late post as we visited Bali about 4 months before corona virus disease found in Wuhan. 

The journey to Pandawa Beach was smooth. We had to pass road on the rocky hill. It was so hot day. 

Before we touched the beach, we were welcomed by several statues placed in the manmade rocky caves. The statues are big and tall. We took some pictures there. 

And before going down to the beach, we also took some picture with the writing of Pantai Pandawa (Pandawa Beach) as a backdrop behind us. 

My son also took a picture. He was so excited to visit Pandawa Beach. It’s the first time he visited Bali. It must be a nice experience for him. 

After taking some pictures and enjoying the wonderful ambience there, we started going down to the beach. I confess that the beach is so beautiful. Its water is so crystal clear. 

There were a lot of kayaks parked on the beach. There were not so many visitor that afternoon, that’s why more kayaks just parked there. 

Taking kayak is the best attraction here. Visitors could go with kayak to a small island which is not so far from the beach. 

I was enjoying everything on the beach that afternoon. The wind blew smoothly. I love beach. I have visited many beach in Indonesia and abroad. Taking kayak is so wonderful. 

Some visitors also enjoying the beauty of nature in Pandawa Beach. 

We spent about two hours on the beach. It was at dusk. 

And another wonderful attraction at Pandawa Beach is “paralayang” or paragliding (in Engslish). I still have no bravery to take paragliding. That’s why I just enjoyed from the ground. 

We were leaving at the dusk. After enjoying the beach, we headed to our hotel, Bali Sunset Villa. 

Warm regard,