Upon landing in KLIA2 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2), we did immigration check. But you know, it needed about 2 hours to have our turn. It was so crowded that time. Many international visitors visit Malaysia. Fortunately, we have spare time about four hours before departing to Bali. 

Our journey was quite unique, since we travel from Indonesia (Aceh) to Malaysia, then back to Indonesia (Bali). You must be curious, right?

So why we did it? Because we could save a lot of money. The flight from Aceh-Kuala Lumpur-Bali by Airasia was much cheaper than domestic flight, even if we take low fare airplane. Although we were a bit tired to do transit in Kuala Lumpur, we could save money. And we could spend the money in Bali. 

Before checking in for flying to Bali, we had lunch in food court of the airport. We had enough time to spend there to enjoy our meal.

We could find many kinds of Malay and international cuisines in the food court, from Nasi Lemak to Nasi Padang.

We ordered some food from Yong Tau Fu. We selected what some tau fu, vegetables, meat balls.

After that, we took our selection to be cooked/boiled with soup. We had to wait for about ten minutes. After they were finished to cook, then we took the food to our table.

Look! This was the tou fu I ordered. It looked so delicious with soup. Frankly, I love this chinese food. How about you? 

My daughter and wife loved the food so much. You could look at the pictures below, they looked so enjoying the tau fu. However, I love it too. 

It was a great and wonderful moment I enjoyed with my family. Eating at an airport is awesome. A good experience for my children. 

After finishing our lunch and I paid the bill MYR 62,20, the we were heading to immigration check place. 

Arriving at immigration check area, I was so worried since the queue was so so long. It was out of my prediction. I didn’t guess that long row. I was so anxious because we had only 2 hours before departing. 

Fortunately, the person in charge at our counter were checking quickly. And finally we flight to Bali. 

It was a great experience. For next time, we should not spend much time to have lunch. We have to be more quickly. It’s much better we arrive in boarding room earlier. 

Warm regard,