We were in Bali two months before Covid-19 Pandemic. And I have already told stories in some posts here. And there were more destination and culinary experience that I could post on travelfeed. As I told in the previous post that we had best lunch at Bebek Tepi Sawah Restaurant. After enjoying our lunch, we just milled around Ubud. 

Ubud is one of famous region in Bali. Tons of tourists visited Ubud every year. Some of them even were staying longer in Ubud. They got peacefulness here. If you travel to Bali, make sure that you visit Ubud as well. 

We spent about two hours in Ubud, then we headed back to our hotel. We stayed in Bali Sunset Villa. We got a great hospitality in the hotel. 

The next day, after breakfast we went to Kute Beach. The beach is a famous public beach. It’s located in Kute, which is also a business area. Kute Beach is one of the best spot for surfing in Bali. Many tourists, both Indonesians and foreigner come to the beach for surfing. Rest of them were taking sunbath. It’s a perfect place for such activities. 

No matter if we are not professional surfers. There are a lot of surfer academy here selling their services. We could request them to train us. They are so helpful. 

When we were there, I saw a Chinese couple were trained on the shore. They looked so happy and followed the instruction enthusiastically. 

They looked a happy couple. I believed they could learn the way of surfing easily. 

We didn’t have a plan to learn surfing. We just enjoyed the beach and the beautiful environment in that morning. 

Some tourists were surfing. They looked so excited. Actually, my kids wanted to learn surfing. 

After enjoying the beauty of the beach and its environment. We go out to the business area.

We discovered Bali HardRock Cafe there. It’s located before one the gate to the beach. 

I bought one t-shirt there. I like to collect Hard Rock t-shirt if I travel to a city in the world. 

Overall, Kute is a nice public beach. Certainly, it’s not as pleasant as a private beach and lounge. 

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