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While I was in England, I wanted to go to Greenland. And then I searched for the flight tickets right away!
I was lucky that I found cheep tickets.

There are 2 flight ways to Greenland, from Denmark and Iceland.

  • Air Greenland has flight from Copenhagen, Denmark. It runs all around of Greenland.
  • Icelandic Air only ran to Cloosuk in eastern Greenland, but recently also runs west.

I choose ham, potato, omlet and spinach. The offered meal was fine, tasty.


I was talking with a Polish man sitting next to me. He told me about the hotel bill he booked.(Greenland uses Danish kronet, 1 DKK = about 0.15 USD)

Lodge in Kangerlussuaq was 700~800 DKK(105 USD) per night
Ilulissat's apartment was 900 DKK(135 USD)
Hotel Illulissat was 1,320 DKK(198 USD)
The famous Arctic Hotel in Ilulissat was 1,425 DKK(214 USD)

That's good that I brought my tent...!!

We've arrived to Kangerlussuaq, our first destination and flight stop.


The airport was as small as the bus terminal, and the wifi fee was very expensive.

  • 1 hour, 500MB, 8 USD
  • 3 hours, 1GB, 14 USD
  • 24 hours, 2GB, 28 USD


I visited to supermarket.


And I saw the strange flag.
"What is this?"
"The national flag of Greenland"

I haven't seen Greenland flag,so it was intersting.


I was hungry, so I was walking down the street, and I asked an old man where to go to the big supermarket. And he pointed where big supermarket is.

I walked from the airport, and it was located nearby airport...!! But suddenly, he gave me a ride, saying that he should be there in time. Lucky!


It's Pilersuisoq, which is one of Greenland's largest marts. Are you curious about Greenland prices?

Greenland consists of rocky mountains with poor land, and most food and manufactured goods have been imported from Denmark and Island, because cold temperatures do not allow them to grow vegetables.

  • 6 slices of ham(3 USD)
  • 1 roll of bread(4.3 USD)
  • 2 apples(1.7 USD)

And even though I didn't buy it, the most shocking food was cucumbers! 3.3 USD for 1 cucumber!!!


I had 1 day transit time, so I decided to go to Lake 'Ferguson', which the local people recommended. How did I get there?

Of course, hitchhiking! There was the car, old couple was driving. I just thumb up, but they didn't seem to know what hitchhiking was. They just thought that I needed help, and they realized my gesture and picked me up haha.

The lake was so clean. I thought I was even able to drink it.


On the way back from spending time at the lake
One woman and one man asked me, "We're going to town now. Do you want to ride?" "Oh, it's good for me, thank you."
And I got on the car.


When they arrived at the village, they said they were starving and wanted to go to a pizza store.

They asked me.

"What are you doing here?"
"I've traveled around the world by hitchhiking and couchsurfing. Blah blah blah."

And I got to know their relationship was a couch-surfing host and a guest.

Fortunately, I was invited by them and staying at his house for a day. I had 19 transit hours, and the plane from here, Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat, was early the next morning, so it was perfect.


The host was working here as a researcher. He took us to Ice Cap to show you the glacier. The entrance has a barricade and requires a special key to enter, and only foreigners, who have lived here for several years and locals can drive over this section.


What are those white things over there?
It's glacier!


We took a picture together in a waterfall formed by melting glaciers. The waterfalls droped water strong.


By the way, the glacier looked not so bit when I was far from here. But when I got closer, it was a big glacial cliff. Unfortunately, warming is causing Greenland ice to melt and rising sea levels. And we were able to watch piece of glacial fell down to water.


It looked very bright, but it was 2 a.m.

I must have been very tired because I couldn't adjust to the time difference like a jetlack. In the car coming back, Phillip told us, he will show you another place! I answered "yes", and I fell asleep right away. After that, I woke up the next morning and I was in bed. In my dim memory, Phillip simply showed me the room and then I laid on the bed. Ha ha.

Air Greenland350 USDDenmark CopenhagenGreenland KangerlussuaqGreenland Ilulissat
Air Greenland358 USDGreenland Nuuk-Iceland Reykjavik