Dhaka is not a planned city. There is only high rises everywhere. Your eyes will not find a place to take some rests. There is no park nearby where I live. Sometimes it feels really boring as we can't get any place to roam around. Only we have to pass time on shopping malls and restaurants.


I found a open space nearby. The place is a deplomatic zone mainly. So there is restriction on public vehicles. That's why the place is very calm and noise free. Also there is a lake with fresh water. This is the main attraction of the place. I can take a fresh breath to revive my mind.


I discovered this place while coming back from office and planning to go their with my son. He will love to see so much water. There you will find some plant nursery where you can buy different indoor and outdoor plants for your home.


It's very necessary to have some time with the nature earth. But we city people can't manage time or get places to be with the nature. I know this place is not much but it's a place to have some fresh air for me. There are some benches where you can sit to enjoy the beauty of the lake water and those green trees. This is a great place for me like people who wants to love nature but can't get the opportunity.


It's not like a park but the view is somewhat uncommon for my busy city eyes. I have seen different old big trees. The place is full of green. But as you can see there is also high rise buildings on the other side. It's creating a different view of this same city.

I hope you like my captures. Would love to know your feedback.

Much Love

Stay Blessed. Keep Steeming.