Re: The Prime Real Estate of the Eden Cemetery, NSW

You aren't rambling, and surely that's the point of a good comment, for which I thankyou! And I'm glad you saw this post given our grave quips last week :P

I accidentally saw a psychic healer that mentioned a past life to me - very cursorily, thank goodness, or I would have stopped her. I wanted to believe - I think it's human nature to - but then again, mysteries are what makes our lives what they are too. Those sands of time - we can't hold sand at all, and nor should we. Except - - except I really want to know whether that woman fell off a cliff or not! There's nothing else there! What did she die of? Tell me now!!!


Haha, this is a good continuation of our grave discussion.

Ooooo, past life stuff. That is something I'd like to hear about, but I wonder if I can tell them that I don't want to hear the future - just the past. Lol.

Can't blame you. Ah, the mysteries...