Yes, @blessed-girl, these goats seemed to very content. They did not seem to have a care in the world, so Redwood Hill Farms is definitely taking good care of them. They've been taking care of them for over 50 years, in fact!

Grapes are fascinating to me. They appear in Scripture and, like all of our Lord's revealed truth, it is not coincidental. If you read the verses about being "pruned," then watch professionals prune a grapevine to the "optimum" level, it is very sobering ...

The cows are definitely in a good place. You would have to go back to my post on the Mogollon Rim to contrast with how those poor cows live by comparison. Overall, life appears to be good in Sonoma County, California!

Yes, I believe being outdoors is very healthy (as I sit here typing away on my keyboard in a motel room ... 😉) and I am going to try, in this "next chapter" of my life, to figure out a better balance of getting outside, even if for a walk around through our quiet streets back home. The simple life ... 👍