Thank you for adding value to this post @blessed-girl, by sharing what stood out to you.

"I've always liked cities that have trees, they really are beautiful."

We are like-minded on this, as I think tree-lined streets are very attractive. There is something about trees which make them stand out to me.

”The photos of Perkins Park, they are beautiful, with those red flowers”

Yes, there were also some blue flowers, but my close-ups were too blurry, so didn’t “make the cut” to get included in this post. Sad, as they were the prettiest, in my judgement. Gotta get better with my picture taking … 😉

While a famous sight to see, I am very glad to be past the Golden Gate Bridge and all the big populations centers of California. I am a simple, small-town guy and don't enjoy the traffic jams, etc. People seem to be at the worst in these times and it is just nice to stay away from it all, as much as possible.

There is a very nice viewing point, once you cross the bridge, as this is where I took the photos you see in this post. The trouble was back out on the freeway and the hundreds of thousands of people who are making their way back to their homes, north of San Francisco, once their work day is over.

Yes, agreed, a sunset over that bridge would be something. If you chose to ever go there, there are places where you can park and then walk out on the bridge.