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Re: Walk with me - a sunny day in Aarau

Okay, @delishtreats

”You can read more about the Cube of Truth here: :) It's basically showing what is happening in slaughterhouses to general public.”

… thanks for the link. I read it. While I don’t share your vegan lifestyle, I can agree on at least part of it (as I understand it anyway …). That is the condition in some of the massive production facilities for producing our food, i.e. slaughterhouses, etc. And the state of them, the general conditions, etc. My focus, however, is not ”the suffering of animals,” but the overall nutritional value.

I could write a whole post about what that means to me, but likely won’t … Suffice it to say, we do what we can here to improve our overall nutrition by supporting local producers, small family farms, etc. Rather than massive, global “mega corporations” … I don’t know, of course, but I would like to think we perhaps might share at least some common interest there …

”… which focuses attention on the faith of the actual animals instead of the people standing there.”

Maybe ”treading on thin ice” here, but curious what this (emphasis mine) means to you. If it helps you in responding, please don’t worry about offending me. Very unlikely … At the same time, if the question makes you uncomfortable, I respect that and will be fine if you would prefer not to answer.

We certainly agree on the marvel and wonder of the annual renewal experienced with every Spring season. Sounds like you have a very mild winter, which we have sometimes. But, at least here, that is generally combined with a lack of the snowpack we need in the mountains for an adequate supply of water. Much of the western U. S. is heavily dependent on getting adequate snow in the “high country.” Many reservoirs have been built to capture as much of it as possible, rather than lose it to “spring runoff” …

”It's nice to see you over here :)”

Yes, back home, I will try to do better at engaging, but I am unlikely to ever be a “top engager.” At least not for the foreseeable future, as I have too many other time commitments … I have always enjoyed exchanges with you @delishtreats, as you are thoughtful and very well-spoken. It is a blessing to me and exchanges with Steemians like you is what “keeps me going” … 😊


I hope that one thing is clear and that is that I don't judge anyone. I truly believe that everyone can do whatever they want with their life. Being vegan for me is actually less about the nutrition and more about animals. I made this choice as I didn't want let any other animal suffer because of my selfish needs. Of course I do keep close eye on my nutrition. I studied several books and I do researches constantly to make sure that I don't miss anything and I must say that I feel much better than ever before :)

This question doesn't make me uncomfortable and I would never even try to offend you :) I do appreciate that you read the article and that you ask the question. People are very often distracted by small things. This event is about the animal suffering and it is not a social event. This is why we are in the 'background' and just stand there quietly dressed in black with masks on our faces so that people don't get distracted by who we are. They focus their attention on what we do. When I say faith of the actual animal I mean death - that is the ultimate result of the meat and dairy industry. Very often people say that this can't be done in Switzerland, that this is not true. They are truly surprised by the cruelty that is happening behind the curtains. We had many people bursting in tears too. I must say that I was surprised that so many people don't realize how their meals come to the table.

As I say I don't judge anyone. But I believe that people must be informed to take right decisions (whatever it is) and this is what we do - we spread the information, nothing more, nothing less.

Oh, we have too much snow in mountains this year! There were so many issues. It was snowing and snowing and snowing.. Now it's finally better and I hope that there won't be any flooding this year once all the snow starts to melt..

I also struggle with my time recently. The more I work on the business plan the less time I have to spend here. And it's going to be less and less and less..

Thank you so much for your kind words! I do enjoy talking to you too :)

roleerob @roleerobFebruary 2019

Okay, thank you for this explanation @delishtreats. Your perspective is now clearer to me. I can admire you acting on your convictions, as that is not common. At least in American culture. And … I am not the least bit offended or feeling judged … 😊

We come from different philosophical viewpoints and that is okay. “In here” we are adding value to our Steem blockchain, each in our own ways, with adherents to both …

”I must say that I was surprised that so many people don't realize how their meals come to the table.”

We share this in common, although I am sure you have a better foundation of understanding than I, as you grew up on a farm. I have only admired “what it takes” mostly from a distance. I refer specifically to this in my “Big Hole Valley in Montana” post, as people too often take so much for granted …

”I also struggle with my time recently. The more I work on the business plan the less time I have to spend here. And it's going to be less and less and less..”

I take it this is related to starting your own restaurant?

I have always been very open “in here” about the time commitment. In the “real world,” I am very (perhaps too much so …) sensitive to raising expectations that can’t be met … In some ways, if you’ll excuse the expression, it reminds me of time I spent in the past on the hobby of researching family history and hearing, from an expert, that it was …

”The hobby from hell. The better you get at it, the more work you have to do!” 😉

Linked then to another well-known saying (over here anyway) …

”Hobbies cost you money! Businesses make you money!”

With that, on into the rest of my day. With warm wishes for you @delishtreats on your business endeavors and your future success! 👍