roleerob @roleerobFebruary 2019

Re: R2R Travelogue 10: Redwood Hill Farms and Sonoma County, California

You are most welcome @rawutah! A real pleasure. Have to say, though, I had no idea ...

"i have enjoyed redwood hill farms products for years ..."

... so that made it so much better! 😊 Which of their products do you consume? As my linked post explains in some detail, their kefir was and is very important to me. I have seldom eaten anything which my body responded to in the same way as their kefir. In that if I stopped, it would be saying, “Hey! Keep that coming man!! Don’t be cutting us off …” 😉

I actually have some in a cooler on this trip, so I am still a steady customer, even on the road! 👍 My only regret and it is a big one, was not being able to go on their tour, as I would like to know about their whole process (being an engineer). The scope of it has to be something to behold and yet they still manage to provide ample quantities of TLC to every goat. Very impressive! I have video clips of this visit, as well as my pictures and that was my thought. “You curious and friendly little creatures don’t have a care in the world …”

” thank you so much for sharing. i hope to make it on the some of these places someday. you have sparked the dream!”

I appreciate you letting me know that @rawutah. This trip will be a lifetime memory. Soon enough it will be over, but I’ll have these posts, among other things, to always cherish! Once you head “out on the road,” to pursue the vision for you and yours, I hope I will be around to enjoy it with you!

Well, off I go shortly into Day Twelve and a visit to the Redwoods of northern California - the tallest trees on the face of the earth!

Raw Utah @rawutahFebruary 2019

hey thanks for the heart felt reply! i LOVE their goat kefir also. have used it on and off for years. my current kefir is using redmond's grass fed milk...and using my own kefir grains. if i had access to goats...i would use goat milk! some day..i dream of my own goats. i get my kefir grains from a goat farmer...named marilyn. i love her and her grains.

roleerob @roleerobFebruary 2019

Thank you for sharing more of your personal story @rawutah. I admire your dedication to "grow your own" in every respect. As time permits, I hope to follow-up and at least listen to the kefirlady's story. At a quick glance, I see she refers to kombucha as well - another product I consume daily for its health benefits.

Hopefully someday you will be in a position to have your own goats. I have heard others talk about their care and they seem to be fairly "low maintenance," as for one thing, they'll eat just about anything. Now, how healthy "eating just about anything" is for a goat - I have no idea. I assume they have "optimum" nutritional requirements, just like any other life form.

Overall, that is an important part of this "adventure" I have been on - seeing many things in their optimum natural habitat. Some in the desert ... Some on the Pacific coast ... I am very thankful and feel blessed to have had the opportunity.

P.S. The closest I ever came to living "close to the earth" was captured in my Reflections: My Life as a Hay Farmer post. It wasn't even my primary focus at the time I wrote it (work was the focus, linked to a separate post ...), but it won the only Curie award I have received on my Steem blockchain "journey." The setting? At the base of the Uintah Mountains ... 😊

Raw Utah @rawutahFebruary 2019

here's a great interview with her..and patrick timpone.