Thank you for sharing more of your personal story @rawutah. I admire your dedication to "grow your own" in every respect. As time permits, I hope to follow-up and at least listen to the kefirlady's story. At a quick glance, I see she refers to kombucha as well - another product I consume daily for its health benefits.

Hopefully someday you will be in a position to have your own goats. I have heard others talk about their care and they seem to be fairly "low maintenance," as for one thing, they'll eat just about anything. Now, how healthy "eating just about anything" is for a goat - I have no idea. I assume they have "optimum" nutritional requirements, just like any other life form.

Overall, that is an important part of this "adventure" I have been on - seeing many things in their optimum natural habitat. Some in the desert ... Some on the Pacific coast ... I am very thankful and feel blessed to have had the opportunity.

P.S. The closest I ever came to living "close to the earth" was captured in my Reflections: My Life as a Hay Farmer post. It wasn't even my primary focus at the time I wrote it (work was the focus, linked to a separate post ...), but it won the only Curie award I have received on my Steem blockchain "journey." The setting? At the base of the Uintah Mountains ... 😊