It is well known that Venezuela has beaches that are considered among the most beautiful in the world. Therefore, these cannot be missing in my national travel itinerary, especially those of my home state, Aragua. Among them, the paradisiacal Cata Bay is positively my favorite. Cata is a Caribbean jewel located in Ocumare, Golden Coast.


To get there, you must take the coastal road via El Limón from Maracay city, traveling about 58 kilometers of jungle landscapes and the beautiful waterfalls and springs of the Henry Pittier National Park, passing the biological station and the Rancho Grande stop, where you can enjoy a delicious hot drink, as well as viewpoints from where you can see part of Maracay city and Lake Valencia.


Once there, you can enjoy the sun and the sea peacefully; you can also walk along an extensive shore of fine white sands, accompanied by the swell of its crystalline waters, from the seawall to the river on the other side of the bay. The beautiful bay has the characteristic coconut trees that provide shade to visitors. In the area, you can find typical coast food stalls, such as fish, seafood, fried plantains and salads.


The bay has awnings service, camping areas, parking lots and boat rides to interesting places that are worth knowing, such as Catica, the Ciénaga, among others. Those who decide to take a boat to Catica, located in front of the bay, can enjoy calmer waters and a lot of serenity in a simply paradisiacal environment.


Among my beach companions, my mother, an enthusiastic sea lover, cannot be missing; she is one of those people who spend almost the entire visit in the water. I prefer enjoying an exploratory walk in the surroundings and collecting seashells on the shore, which I have done since I was a child. From that time, I remember pleasantly when I used to go to the bay with my family on weekends, holidays and Christmas.




If you are in Venezuela do not miss the opportunity to visit this little piece of heaven and enjoy life and the sea.

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