Hi friends!   

Many exhibitions and fairs are held in Istanbul during the holidays. Particularly interesting are the fairs of handwork. Let's see what the Turkish masters offer us.

The nightlife in Istanbul is in full swing! After a meal, you can look at the craft fair. From all over Turkey came different masters to show themselves and sell their goods.

It was very difficult to consider something because of the large number of people. I was just carried in the crowd.

Despite the large number of people, I tried to consider interesting products. For example, wood products, they are just great!

How many talented people! Ebru drawings on notepads and miscellaneous products. Painted cats and matryoshka dolls on Turkish motives. Everything is very bright and colorful.

Turkish artists presented their works. Some are engaged in creative work on the spot.

This place with beautiful teapots in the Ottoman style offers Turkish sherbet. Sherbet is a very popular drink in Turkey. It is considered curative. Prepared from fruit juices and flower extracts. Can use and grass.

I really liked the artist's work, but the crowd quickly took me to another place.

At the fair, fabrics and products made of them were played with paints. I liked the dervishes, which hung over the window. They swirled from the dynamics of the human masses.

Umbrella-chandelier. Very original idea. There were many interesting exhibits in this store, but it was impossible to consider anything calmly.

Very big excitement was in the tent, where children's educational toys were sold. What they are unusual and beautiful. I would love to buy one of these. Toys are completely collapsible.

Here is such a stormy life in the night Istanbul. The walk was informative and exciting. I hope you also learned a little more about Istanbul. It is wonderful that people celebrate, meet, communicate and have fun.


  Photo taken on the iPhone 6S+