Hi friends!   

The man in Kadikoy very closely examined the miracle technique

An unexpected meeting on the old Bahariye street in Kadikoy :)

Rest in the Bohemian area all, and people and equipment...

Tram and dynamics of the streets of Kadikoy

Attract the attention of passers-by

So Turkish children are not afraid to drive on the roads of Istanbul

Preparing the cafe to receive people after sunset

Meditation on the sea of Marmara

Turkish tea overlooking the sea of Marmara...

Always amazed how clean clothes hanging right next to the road...

In the streets of Uskudar

Elections are like a holiday! The whole port of Uskudar is covered with flags

Interesting picture and its guard:) Istanbul is called the city of cats! Once Istanbul was a wooden city, everything was built of wood. There were a lot of mice and rats and so almost every house kept a cat-rodent hunter. Since then, people respect cats, love, try to protect them, feed, build houses for cats and feel the warmest feelings for them.There is a famous saying "If you killed a cat, you must build a mosque and ask God for forgiveness". 

Here another guard of the roof of the Museum Baris Mancho. Istanbul cats are full - fledged residents of the city, who are constantly fed and cared for, leaving bowls of food and water. The cult of cats began in the time of Prophet Muhammad, the cat is his favorite animal. Cats were allowed to enter mosques. It was thought, that place, where lives cat, there is no evil spirits and hostility.

Again Turkish tea in the best traditions

Walk at the Bosphorus. Will Istanbul be sure to go to the street where the Bosporus. Landscapes and beckon! What a gorgeous view. The bridge connecting the European and Asian parts of Istanbul. It's almost like a small new York. It's a pleasure to walk. Here you will find a lot of institutions for every taste and budget. Be sure to take fish or other seafood. A place where you enjoy every minute

The use of social evening meals next to the Bosphorus...

Monument to Ataturk near the Bosphorus

Maiden tower and nice gatherings. Next to a blurred Ghost...

Idyll on the sea of Marmara

Istanbul is another one next to the flower shop:)

Meeting on the waterfront in Kadikoy

 Photo taken on the iPhone 6S+