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In Istanbul there is a very cozy port, which is called Karakoy. It is located opposite eminen. Who looks at my photos walk, he has a little to navigate. Galata bridge connects two European districts of Istanbul. It's eminen and Karakoy.

     Eminönü - before justice. This translates the name of the area that was inside the walls of Constantinople

Today we are going from Kadikoy to Karakoy. The names are very interesting. If you translate, it turns out

    Karaköy - black or black Creek village
     Kadıköy is a village of Kady. One of the oldest districts of Istanbul

Moving from Kadikoy to Karakoy is a lot to see. Very often, the piers are arranged in a number of ships. Two or three stand parallel to each other like brothers;)

These huge cranes will be gone soon. They have very little in the port of haydarpaşa. The whole area will be only tourist. This is the area at the junction Uskudar and Kadikoy. But these giants will be missed. The port from the Bosphorus is being moved, but I don't know where. For tourists it will be a Paradise on the waterfront! Global changes have been taking place in Istanbul over the past three years.

How I love to watch different ships go by. They are like water birds roam the water expanses.

I have a particularly warm relationship with feribot. You've probably noticed by now. He has such an unusual shape! It is wide and with low bumpers. Feribot is also called a sea ferry.

Look at the patterns on the water expanses of the Bosphorus! The Bosphorus is always very exciting. It is rare that the water is calm. After all the passing ships are not allowed to miss the waves.

We are gradually approaching the European part of Istanbul.

On the horizon to see the Galata tower. Today we travel in her direction.

The cherished Galatian bridge is a connection of times and different peoples. The old bridge economic the Turks do not understand. It is in The Golden horn.

We approach the port of Karakoy. Galata tower is getting closer to us. Look at the variety of buildings. There is absolutely no standard. Who where the Shoe dropped, and there built a house:)

Out of the port and immediately see the large pots of trees and a mini square. If you are going to look into the Galata tower, before that visit one of the most popular cafes in Istanbul.

Karaköy Güllüoğlu company is the best company in Turkey for the production of baklava (tour. baklava). You can get acquainted with the company's website. Prices per kg from 17 to 28 dollars. But the quality is just magical! A Remix of different baklava in a gift version costs a little more than 28 dollars.  Tastier than the cafe shop, I have never eaten baklava. Be sure to try it!

From the baklava, make the whole the portraits of the Turkish heroes. Left Ataturk, right-Fatih.

I want to carry a whole tray with them;)

View of the cafe inside. Early weekend morning even people not so much.

Karaköy Güllüoğlu company does not only prepare baklava. It is here that the most delicious water cake or su böreği in Istanbul! You see him in the picture. In the morning I really like to taste this cake. If even in this institution, then all the bliss! I warn you, it's very nourishing.

Look at this amazing chaos of houses. There's something about it. Little old houses, new ones behind them. On the streets of small shops. I like walking around Istanbul so much. You always see something new and unusual.

Women's outfits are sometimes frightening, especially black in the bright sun. And next to men walk thick and liberated:)

On the old house as fungus grew another narrow house, as candle.

The Turkish streets in the old quarters are delightful with their zigzags. You don't even know what's around the corner.:)

The older the house, the more vegetation on it.

This is a tourist area and there are, of course, a lot of hotels and hostels. Sometimes at the entrance you are met by medieval knights on the background of the Galata tower.

Another very old house. It is very interesting modeling, but closer to the phone will not take a picture. And jump high I don't know how;)

The alley that you and I walked down.

There is a small fork, on the right two very old houses. One day, I may have to deal with the history of these houses. They are very different architectural style.

Look at this step-by-step architecture of the houses. To give it! Even the tower with two-story Windows. The tower remained from the old building of the Arab mosque.

Graffiti on the street walls of the underground passage. Interesting picture of a boy. What do you think the author wanted to say?

Before us is a bridge, on which we can get to the Fatih area. On the right is an old building in the Ottoman style. Already restored. Previously, it looked very sad.

Remains of an old mosque. And flowers in the sky:) Continue our walk in the next post. And finally we reach the Galata tower. We walked slowly, I like to look at everything. Therefore, from the port of Karakoy we moved quite a bit. Quick step is 10 minutes.

  Photo taken on the iPhone 6S+