Hi friends!   

Istanbul is so diverse that it changes colors sometimes dizzy. Today we will walk through the different streets and areas of the Asian and European parts. Well, no Bosphorus, no way. It's like a magnet, attracts all, without exception.

The usual day off for Istanbul. Visiting the Bosphorus is a must.

Cats-kings of Istanbul. Everyone is trying to feed striped and multicolored. Cat standing there, more fit:) Next to many photographers... Look at the shadows.

Bent gracefully back and continues to lunch.

A only at the table wanted to eat, food with land not wanted to raising, intellectual:)

Very fond of motorcycles. Just what in Istanbul will not see...

Favorite Bosporus. In this place always sit birds. Today visited pieces of iron ducks. Basking in the sun and preening their feathers.

The District Of Suleymaniye. I liked the folded umbrellas in the top floor restaurant. It's like three Arabs in festive clothes.

There are a lot of spiral staircases in Istanbul. They're not like fans. This area of the Museum. There are special contrasts. Lots of old buildings. Some look quite grim.

Uskudar Square. Here is here always colorfully.

High-rise in Atasehir can't just pass. For me this is a high camomile of the three leaves.

I always wonder how so beautifully laid simita. The sellers ' hands are already full. Most importantly, the tower of simity fell:)

Prey need to bow:)

Feribot is on his way to the European part of Istanbul.

I really like working form sellers with Tulip.

So together you can sit down by the Galata bridge and to watch what is happening around them.

What shoes on the mannequin...

First time saw such a plan the old motorcycle. Class! Cafe in Kadikoy is always very cozy. This beautifully decorated walls.

Dialogue between the seller and the buyer in the Egyptian market.

High-speed tram. Fatih.

Complete relaxation of the wall with waterfall in Uskudar.

The column of Constantine in the Constantine column. How many of these places, the history...

Uskudar. Favorite place for photo shoots men... Next to the mosque of Mihrimah Sultan.

The Cemberlitas District. Near the entrance to the Grand Bazaar.

A very common expression of people in Istanbul. Where to go to bypass the traffic jam:). The Eminonu area of Istanbul, the entrance to the Egyptian market.

The Cemberlitas District. Reaction to photography. Turkish people always react calmly to photographers. But strangers can be outraged. Although I didn't even notice...

Beyazit Square. The young man found himself an oasis and hid:) Here is also always crowded.

The Fatih District. Photo workshop.

In Atasehir met this car and happily started screaming to my husband that it's a Lada. But there it was. Miss. This is an old Turkish Murat 124 from the company TOPAS. And so will not understand immediately. Historical Fiat 124 has spread around the world.

 Photo taken on the iPhone 6S+