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From the first lines we get into the matrix.

The entire banking system of the world can easily be called a matrix with its strict laws and rules. A man falling into her clutches, lost in space with a million Bank cards and obligations.

Once man as a cat, basking in the sun, hunting and hiding from dogs. Now many hide from banking institutions. Can't get back what greed took from matrix.

Today, on the example of one of the first banks in Turkey iş Bankası we will go into the history of the matrix. Let's see the attributes and historical exhibits of ancient times. Find out what equipment was present in the banks of Turkey, which helped to manage capital. We will see the first promotional booklets that attracted Turkish people to carry their savings to the Bank.

This is the father of the Turkish Republic. This is the first President of the country Kemal Ataturk (pictured left). It was with him that the construction of a modern banking complex began.

One of the old buildings of the Turkish Bank Iş Bankası. At the top we see the logo of the Bank, which has remained so to this day. As you can see, money is not spared in the creation of the banking sector in Turkey.

We will look a little in a ridge of trade transactions before Ataturk's coming to power.

    The first Bank in Turkey was The Ottoman Bank established in 1847.

All external monetary transactions in the Ottoman Empire were carried out in it. Prior to that, there were only private creditors, various guilds and foundations that led the dynamics of monetary transactions, foreign exchange and precious metals. Treasury was engaged in money means of Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Bank was then named Imperial Ottoman Bank (IOB) in 1863. His powers have been expanded. It becomes the first state Central Bank. All permissions in the field of financial services for other agencies were given the OBI. The Bank was engaged in issue of banknotes.

After Kemal Ataturk's victory, the Bank was renamed the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

Now it is the Central Bank of the country.

As soon as the Central Bank appeared in Turkey, the country's first investment Bank iş Bankası immediately appeared. It's pronounced " ish Bankasi." The emblem of the Bank you see in the photo.

    It can be concluded that the modern banking sector in Turkey was born just over 90 years ago.

Iş Bankası has played a key role in the country towards industrialization.

It begins Deposit activities with a network of branches in Turkey.

So went the historical Toolkit Iş Bankası. The first typewriters and calculators.

Directors of iş Bankası branches in different cities.

Iş Bankası is the first of all banks to apply advertising campaign in the Republic of Turkey to attract customers.

At the same time, prizes and drawings are introduced. In the photo you can see one of the first advertising posters of the Bank.

Very gently walked the people's awareness that the money they should be keep under the pillow, and in the Bank. To do this, we used beautiful advertising chips. In the photos above you can see a piggy Bank with the Bank logo.

In an advertising campaign, for a simple explanation to people, the Bank associated itself with a piggy Bank. In photos advertising booklets which hung on stands of the cities and were distributed to people. Conducted an advertising campaign in which people won these are the kinds of piggy banks. The piggy Bank was a sham in the country. I also remember living in the Soviet Union, we have to put coins in a piggy Bank-pig.

Piggy banks and awareness of people with decent speed spread throughout the country. Directly proportional and growing a new Bank branch Iş Bankası.

The Bank expanded its horizons and purchased the newest equipment for work. In the photo you can see a scanner, a typewriter and a calculator of a newer model.

How can you do without a cash register in a Bank? He's handsome!

Here is this typewriter company "Mercedes" I was killed on the spot. See how comfortable the keyboard is made for numbers and letters.

Here is another Republican advertising of the Bank in red. Almost all brochures are always present children. The Bank presses that parents have to increase the capital in Bank for the bright future of the children.

Iş Bankası in the early years of the Republic of Turkey invests its capital in the most necessary industries for The country. The fact is that Turkey is always trying to develop different activities and never does without foreign investment. In the early Republic there was the same situation as now. In the beginning give to foreigners, and then try to take away everything in the hands. The same cycle is happening now.

    Iş Bankası is making every effort to establish national companies for the production and export of coal, textiles, sugar, glass, tobacco. For the first time the Bank introduced an insurance system.

The first tools of the glass factory in Beykoz. One thousand nine hundred thirty five

The first catalog of the glass industry.

It looked like the offices of the Directors Iş Bankası

Growth dynamics of iş Bankası

The network of branches of the modern Bank Iş Bankası

Different promotional items of the Bank

The first TV "SHARP" of the head office of the Bank Iş Bankası

Modern main complex of the Bank's management Iş Bankası

The first ATM of the Bank, Iş Bankası

Here is and the first computer technique Bank

Company computer "Macintoch"

Promotional booklets 1967

After 1960, Iş Bankası became not only the country's industrial development Bank, but also the tourism and food sector.

Jobs operators of the main branch of the Bank. All very well preserved.

It is very interesting to live to see the doors of the Bank vault and the room itself, where once stored the money. That's thick!

First Bank bins for storage

French safety Deposit box

The history of the oldest and one of the best banks in Turkey is presented in the Museum in the historical center of Istanbul. This is not just a Museum, but a whole world of banking development. I hope you enjoyed a little tour of the country called Matrix. But in fact, I showed only 10% of what is in the Museum. The two-storey building with basement storage was once one of the first offices of the Bank Iş Bankası. On the website of the Museum you can find all the detailed information and address. In the Museum building there is a business school where you can get knowledge of banking literacy for free. Lectures are given by the best professors of economic universities of Turkey. A visit to the Museum is a totally free event, but a whole bag of fun!

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