ryivhnn @ryivhnnOctober 2019

Re: Visiting Ayers Rock (Uluru)

Please take care of yourself, others and the environment when visiting the area around Ayers Rock.

Shouldn't you be doing this anyway wherever you go? XD

Since I started budgeting properly and getting over some other (mostly mental) issues I keep thinking I need a travel fund to take the kids places (much easier now youngest isn't the terrifying handful he was as recently as...the last couple of years) and this is definitely one of the places I'd like to take them.

12yo doing school has put a massive dent in my plans though, turns out school is hella expensive >_< not to mention somewhat inconvenient as I want to be travelling during term when not too many other people are XD

there is plenty of signage so you can't get lost.

Watch me! XD

LoL nah seriously I'm not that bad and also there's a whopping great big landmark.


It's a good place to take kids on a family trip as well - suitable for 12yo..Does get busy during school holidays, but yeah can start to add up as well as is touristy towns nearby..It's not somewhere you would stay long with kids and there are some good places with swimming pools that are kind of expensive, but with kids you'll need the pool.

Couple days outta school wouldn't hurt :)

Haha ...yeah the rock is the signage.