Bangalore is not just a high tech city but has a lot more to offer to people visiting there.

When it comes to describing city's places to visit, the internet is flooded with websites offering vivid options but who else can tell you the right spots to visit than a local resident?

I have lived for years over there and that city is mine. So, after the pandemic gets over, while deciding to travel again, If planning to visit Bangalore, here are three options on my point of view will justify your short trip here.

Mg Road

Since food and entertainment are two most indigenous things one do while travelling. So this is the right place to go to. here one will be offered with high end malls and super great food to enjoy. First of all people speak Kannada here and if you aren't aware of this language if will be little hard but very interesting and funny to cope up with conversational situations trust me!

So, after shopping and eating great food, there are plenty of pubs out there where you can spend eve partying.

Bannerghatta National Park

To indulge into some wild experiences one needs to get closer to nature. exploring a national park would be a great idea in that case and when the city offers immense amount of development and technical enhancement and at the same time preserves its natural environment it just adds to the enjoyment of the trip and beauty of the city.

So, if you feel like a good wild photography and a closer look to wildlife is what you need so head out to Bannerghatta National Park. where we humans are seated in caged van and drive through the jungle with free animals. A complete opposite of zoo and way much better experience than it.

"Let me tell you a cool story- Once when I was paying a visit there, through the steel netted window of the van, we saw two tigers fighting in a very subtle way. and then they came and sat on the road marking their territory and we had to stop there for a while as we cannot just blew them away. As it is their house and we are just the guests."

Bangalore Palace

Okay I really wanted to give 3 entirely different options, since the city has a lot more to offer than just this, but yea expanding the zonal of choices here we go with last but not the least one about the wonderful structure depicting its architectural beauty and the spice of old regal opulence. A mixture of Tudor and Scottish Gothic architecture have resulted in the grand palace. The wooden structure of the palace along with the beautiful carvings both inside and outside showcases the royal culture which will mesmerize the visitors for sure.

Let's conclude

The details will win your heart for sure so do pay your visit there if you love to explore the craftsmanship, architecture and history.

I just wanted to convey that all these places are not just it. there's obviously more to go to but these will fetch up your short trip and are highly recommended from my side.

"All the pictures are sourced from google."

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