Travelling while riding on bullet seems to be dream of many guys. we are too in that category of guys. So last year, My two friends and I planned a trip to mountains to feel some snow and enjoy the semester break of college.
The destination was Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India.
We grabbed our bikes (Royal enfield) bags and started our journey. The weather was amazing so was the feeling to travel like this for the very first time, we stopped to click some pictures, eat food and were having a memorable day.
First stop came named Rishikesh. It is holy place and really famous for river rafting and all. But as it was 1 am so we decided that we could make it up to Manali within 3 hrs. So decided to go instead of resting and we will find some hotel by reaching there.

We Planned For this
We Planned For this


We started our journey towards the snowy valley and thought of having fun in the morning but we were really tired riding the bike for entire day almost.
Slowly the mountain elevation began and we were excited about reaching there as we live in flat terrain and travelling to different terrain always excites me. So, continuing our journey we were well aware of the fact about the missing street light so that wasn't a huge surprise but yes turned out a huge problem as it started raining. Yes we were all geared up with jackets gloves helmets and all but still it turns out hard driving a bike amid rain, no street lights, hilly difficult terrain, night time, cold weather.

Never Ending Road
Never Ending Road


Managing the situation, somehow we reached the main road of Manali. It was quite a relief though, but didn't lasted longer. we literally knocked every hotel around the road to let us in, but I nobody in that area opened the door even and to search for more hotels were couldn't go as it was raining real heavy.
That taught us that be prepared before you travel, as we were three guys with all our clothes wet, shivering in rain but yes we found some shed but that was really small and leaky.
It hit us really hard , that such situation might ruin our trip. But nearby the shed, we saw a man who was covering his car outside his home with tarpaulin. As it was raining badly and the wind was bringing up leaves and dirt .He asked us that why out of the blue in lonely area we guys were standing.


After knowing our situation he helped us by giving us shelter in his home's lawn. which was covered completely. that is such a generous act. He gave us hot tea and allowed us to change our clothes and sleep for night. He was extremely polite to us instead of knowing for a fact that we are total strangers and might do harm to him and his family.
That was something which I could never ever forget in life.
In the morning the sun shined bright after the rainy night.
We then thanked him and went our way. found a good hotel, freshen up and went to our exploration. It might have snowed too as the roads were covered with the snow and we started exploring manali .

These are some memories I captured and I cherish them forever .