This post is about a hike I took some weeks ago. On this day it was foggy in my home town Krems, so I decided to look for a sunny place "above the clouds".

I took my car and went to Gerolding, a small village in the Dunkelsteinerwald.

I have already decided to take the "tut gut" hiking trail route 1 before.

Starting point of all hiking trails is the "Dorfplatz" (main square). There you can also find a big map, but no "tut gut" hiking trails and not the typical yellow signposts…

Then I found the solution: The "tut gut" hiking trails in this village are the same ones as the "old" hiking trails in this village that are indicated with colourful signposts and outlines of animals. Route 1 has red signposts with a bird on it, route 2 green signposts with a deer, route 3 blue signposts with a rabbit and route 4 orange signposts with a fox.

I decided to walk counter-clockwise and walked through the village in northwestern direction.

Before one of the last houses, you have to turn left.

You can then already see the "Halterberg". The small hill is the destination of this hiking trail.

Along the way some boards inform about the nature in this region.

A little bit later, the road ends and you have to walk through this pasture.

Walk between these trees…

and then you will see other signposts that tell you to turn left and follow the tractor trail.

You walk towards a small wood, then you will find a T-junction called "Kreuzung Halterberg". Here you have to turn left and walk up the hill.

You can already recognize a tree stand and a bench.

Some minutes later you are at this wonderful lookout point and have a greet view to the Lower Austrian Prealps in the south.

Walk up a little bit higher and you'll see the Danube and Melk Abbey in the west.

Continue walking towards the elevated water tank and you'll have a beautiful view on Gerolding.

After enjoying the view you walk town to the T-junction "Kreuzung Halterberg" again and turn left.

You will then walk throught the small wood and come to the village again and walk in the "Graf-Gerold-Straße". Then you have to turn right and walk through the "Gartenweg".

The "Gartenweg" will lead you to the "Bruckstraße". Although it may seem strange on the first view you have to turn right here.

But do not worry, some meters later, right before the sign that indicates the end of the village, you have to turn sharp left and follow the "Badstraße".

Now you walk towards the center of the village. It's really unbelieveable: Gerolding has less than 250 inhabitants, but they have a football field and a public swimming pool!

At the end of the "Badstraße" you will reach a street called "Am Kirchenberg". Here you have to turn left…

…and walk another 50 meters and then you'll be at the "Dorfplatz" again.

The hiking distance is less than 3 kilometers and you'll need around 45 - 60 minutes for this really beautiful hike.


This hike is a really beautiful possibility to escape the fog on grey winter days! The hike is quite easy and I think it is also suitable for children because there are really no dangerous scarps or things like that.


The official description can be found on There you choose "Mostviertel", then "Gerolding Gemeinde Dunkelsteinerwald" and finally "Route 1".

More about the municipality of Dunkelsteinerwald can be found on!