First Runs of the Season: Two Days Skiing in the White Mountains!

seangold @seangoldDecember 2018 · 2 min read

Hey guys! Hope you had a great holiday!

I thought I'd share my first ski trip of the season with you! I already shared my GoPro video I made a couple days ago of it, in case you missed it, catch it here:!/v/seangold/ylw9kwlr

Moving on, it was about 5 years or so since I last put my skis on and hit the slopes. I used to be able to ski for pretty much free/cheap by volunteering at the mountain, then things changed and it got quite pricey if you didn't have a seasons pass, about 90$ a day for a lift ticket, yikes.

So that put a damper on my skiing for a while, plus other things.

This year I was able to score a deal on some tickets so I made the 2 hour trek up to the mountains from Boston to hit the frosted slopes!


At first, I was a bit unsure how well I'd pick it back up again, if I'd be falling all over the place, or if it would be like riding a bike. And if you saw my video, you'd know that within an hour I was hitting 45mph flying down from the top of the mountain. So that was a relief. I wasn't trying to learn all over again. And speaking of the top of the mountain, check out this view!

Sean_Gold_December 19, 2018_58240-WebExport.jpg

I've been skiing at this mountain since I was a kid, and I knew most of the ski patrol and workers there since forever. We'd duck into the woods and have fires, and explore all sorts of places. So I decided to visit one of my favorite spots, known as the bird sanctuary, and you can see why we called it that below.

Sean_Gold_December 19, 2018_58260-WebExport.jpg



How cool is that, right?!

Well, hope you enjoyed a brief recap of my ski adventure, and I'll leave you with a few more images from these 2 days on the slopes! Til next time! And be sure to follow along on Instagram for more,

Sean_Gold_December 19, 2018_58249-WebExport.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 20, 2018_58305-WebExport.jpg

Sean_Gold_December 20, 2018_58312-WebExport.jpg



Nay @naidethDecember 2018

How nice that little bird that was so quiet in your hand and in your head xD

Beautiful photos that you captured up there, do you have the link on YouTube? I would like to see it, a big hug @seangold

seangold @seangoldDecember 2018

@naideth he was! Thank you! And I don't have that video on YouTube yet, but it is on dTube and the link is here:!/v/seangold/ylw9kwlr I hope you enjoy it! Big hug to you too, and happy new year!

Nay @naidethDecember 2018

I could see your video .. it's amazing, I loved the music that you put on it, it's according to what we see, it was great to see you skiing, FABULOUS