A Winter Botanical Experience

Senor Coconut @senorcoconutApril 2018 · 3 min read

Our computer will be down for a few more days... But I'll do my best posting from my phone. Please excuse the simplicity of my next few posts... 😍

This winter we went to the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn. One of the thing I love is that the learning never sleeps in New York City.

We went to an event for little ones. They were in a large sun room where games were found, storytellers we're telling their stories and educators were teaching about several different plants. It turned out really fun and once our little homie found the blocks we had a hard time making him want to explore the rest of the area!


I really want to replicate these blocks for our Homestead, we're expecting to have lots of kids from time to time coming to unschooling/forest school events. I mean you see how simple yhey are, they're all natural and can teach about local vegetation!


steem line.png

The gardens, as you can imagine, had the winter Blues and there wasn't much to see but dormant trees... Anf then there is the Japonese Garden! This one is a favorite for a lot of people.




steem line.png

This particular place in Brooklyn has several indoor growing areas which represent a few different climates found on the planet. They're not quite biodomes but something a little bit like it.

The three different climates in the pavilions:

  • Desert
  • Tropical
  • Warm Temperate

Of course as we walked towards these pavilions, there was another activity for the little ones, so we stayed a while to draw.


My poor rendition of a flower I don't know the name of... I was in the moment and forgot all about learning what I was drawing!

The desert, I love the desert... I don't know what it is but something about it is in my heart!


A couple pretty flowers from the Tropical pavilion:



I have nothing for the warm temperate zone... Sorry, I was playing with my kid and forgot all about steemit!

steem line.png

No Botanical Garden is complete without a room full of Bonsai trees.




steem line.png

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Awesome! Those natural blocks look great. We have hardly bought any toys for our kids, and thank goodness because their grandparents have piled on and we have over flowing bins! Yikes! Edmonton has the Muttart Conservatory, four large greenhouse pyramids that have different climates and plants. If I remember correctly, three remain the same and one is themed differently throughout the year. -Aimee
Ps. It's ok to forget about Steemit, to be in the moment with your child. ❤️


Lol thank you, our kid comes first all the time!

Those blocks are really cool right... a little collecting, a little cutting and a little sanding!

I know very well about the grand parents over buying toys!!! They can't help it you know.

Thanks for reading Aimee.


Actually, this looks pretty freaking impressive for posting from your phone!! I think it's a good thing that you were playing with your kid and forgot about steemit...you'll treasure those moments with your kid forever :)


Thank you so much, I will cherish those moments for ever. Hopefuly he doesn't grow up too too fast, I like the threenager times, even with the mood swing it comes with!

I worked out little tricks on the phone to post like that... some of the coding and signatures are in my clipboard. Thank you for the compliment


Lol threenager! That's a great word


Lol isn't it? I'm not sure where we picked it up but we love it too.


OOOH! I'd love to have those blocks to play with for myself. How old is your kid? I remember I loved visiting them when I was younger. Botanical gardens are so great because you can really see how vegetation works. And buy lots of plants to take home.

We recently bought some greens and herbs from this great garden!


That flower drawing is on point, btw.


Haha yea those blocks are awesome, so natural too! Our little guy is 3 and a half and he did love it there. He especially liked the fish from the japonese garden's pond, we satyed there a while and the cold didn't phase him one bit.

The plants and herbs from the botanical gardens in new york city are too overpriced for us, but true, there is quite a lot to chose from.

Nice photo, it lools very inviting in there!



Thanks for taking us along, my friend. Working from mobile is no excuse though, lol....I do all my work on mobile even editing video...😀😎


Holy crap... editing videos too?

I was kind of hoping to hear that yhe posts looks actually pretty ok doing it from my phone!

Thanks, I realised that post could have been a three parts post but what ever I like it.

We ended up getting a membership there!


Nah, it's perfect as one post. Busy.org says it's only a 3 min. read.

Yeah, my laptop fried on me in November. It's actually pretty easy to do it all on your phone once you get used to it AND...you don't need a seperate internet connection, so you are saving money.

The place looks beautiful. I should check out the Zoo here in Omaha. The Henry Dorley Zoo is up for best Zoo and exhibit in America right now.

It has a Biodome with micro climates.

I am glad to see you added the post to steemitworldmap too.


I tried busy a little while, but I like the way replies and the posting looks on steemit better. And after writing a few things that disappeared on me because I clicked away from the page, I think, I'm done with busy for now.

I'm still paying my internet bill... but it is shared with my neighbor so we pay half a bill. I also type faster on a keyboard!

So you're near the best zoo in america? Show us what it looks like please. I have been using the steemitworldmap for quite a while now... so far I am thw only one with posts from the Andaman Islands!!!! Lol


I agree with you about Busy. Not having the auto-save is annoying, but the slider and notifications are nice. Mostly though, now that I have more than one account, it allows me to be logged into one on Busy and another on Steemit.

I won't post through Busy, though.

You've convinced me, lol. I'll be visiting the Zoo here soon.😀


That's a good idea about the two accounts on the two different platforms. Why won't you post through busy?


They take a quarter of your earnings if you post through the platform, as does Dtube.


Oh wow I didn't realize that. A quarter is a lot! I recently found out all videos on dtube only last a short time and dsound too. Dlive on the other hand is hosted through amazon or something along these lines which gives you the long existence option.... Not sure if it's right yet!


I heard the same. The talk was Dlive keeps your videos the longest, but still doesn't store them permanently.


I guess some people may stick to youtube than and post on steemit. Sounds like the cheapest anyway.


I will be using YT instead. Since I do everything on mobile, I don't have the memory space to save my video's and don't want to create them and then lose them.


Yea right... same here once we're on the property we won't have any wifi, so it's all phone data! But I can load videos on our laptop, now that it's working again, but I don't make videos really yet.