Well, my friends, today I am completing the story of how I and my friends visited Lake Synevyr, Shipit Falls and Pylypets Ski Resort. Actually today my story will be dedicated to our visit to Pylypets, which is located just near the Shipit Falls.

Pylypets is a high mountain village. It is located at an altitude of 700-750 meters above sea level. Today it is a famous ski resort. Tracks of varying levels of difficulty are equipped on the neighboring mountains of Gymba and Riapushka. Despite the fact that most people visit Pylypets when its mountain slopes are covered with snow, the lifts also work in the summer, as many people climb them up to admire the incredible mountain views. Pylypets in the summer has a beautiful mountain sceneries, numerous historical and natural attractions. Hiking trails are laid out so that the tourist can feel the beauty of the surrounding mountains, the smell of the fragrant grasses of the Borzhavsky meadows, to see all the local flavor. However, my friends and I were not going on a mountain hike, so we decided to go up the ski lift. The girls and I pulled up to the lift by car, paid 60 UAH per person and climbed up (the same price to go down), where we decided to sunbathe in the mountain sun. It was simply incredible - to lay out a blanket, lie on it and admire the incredibly beautiful local scenery. Then we went down to our car and returned home to Lviv.

We decided to save time and energy and climb up the lift

The ski slope is empty in summer

You can also ride bikes here

You can see the beautiful scenery during the lift

Beautiful mountain meadows

Distant mountains in sight

Under the ski lift

At the top of the mountain

Flowers on top of a mountain

Fluffy white clouds above the village in the valley

Beautiful girlish legs sunbathe in the mountain sun

Girl's happiness

Incredible beauty

It's time to go down

Holidays at the top of the mountain among Carpathian herbs have been the perfect end to our journey. These two days I spent with my friends in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains were very intense and full of unforgettable memories. I encourage everyone to find time to have fun with friends.