Tourists are forbidden to come by car on the shore of Lake Synevyr, so we left our car at the entrance and walked on our own, taking backpacks with food and drinks. The first thing I want to note after getting out of the car is the clean mountain air filled with scents of pine needles and the local Carpathian grasses, as well as the incredible mountain scenery and beautiful nature that impressed us so much with its beauty that we decided to stay here for a while and make a small photo shoot.

One of my friends

Incredible Carpathian landscapes

Beautiful mountains in the distance

Admiring the landscape

When you want to jump for joy

Old wooden houses, which looked very solid, also attracted our attention, although their age was undoubtedly very large. Lately, fashion has spread to the huts maked environmentally friendly way. Old wooden huts are durable, can be solid to two centuries, are easy to disassemble, transport and are assemble already in place. Hutsul houses are not only bought by wealthy people, including many deputies, directors of large enterprises, actors, politicians from Kiev, Odessa and the Dnipro, and ordinary Ukrainians chose to live in high mountain villages also. Today is a real boom in eco-housing.

Old Hutsul house

I also paid attention to the huge haystack. Hay is dried on the special "islands" in the Carpathians - fir trunks with dry branches dug into the ground. This hay has little contact with the ground, the rain water does not soak it, so such a haystack can be folded out of freshly mown grass and in any case it dries because it is blown by the wind. Such an "island" withstands several quintals of grass. On the ground, the hay dries much longer, it can be soaked by the rains, and on the "island" the hay dries in a week.

My friend near a haystack

Taking some pictures near these old wooden houses and haystack, we moved on. Along our way we saw small sculptures of local residents, Hutsuls dancing the Arkan. The Arkan was the main element of the dedication ceremony of a Hutsul twenty-year-old boy in a legins (a adult boys) for a long time. He was given the right to dance, wear a bartka (Hutsul battle ax) and and to tie a cheres (wide Hutsul belt) after participating in it. According to the legend, for the first time the Hutsul dance "Arkan" was performed by the people that descended from the mountains. Perhaps they were Celtic tribes of battle or Gauls who lived in the Carpathians for a long time. By the way, the Arkan dance itself is identical in spirit and content to the Irish "Ev Sistr" and the Breton "Yes Ev Chistr, Laou!". I was always fascinated by the original ancient magic of this male dance.

It shows Hutsul dance Arkan

Small sculptures of Hutsul dancing Arkan on the background of mountains

I and the girls just had to take a picture with such hot guys

And here we are already seeing in the distance Lake Synevyr. But I'll tell you about it in the next post.