My post today is not a story about a separate trip, but just a continuation of my story about my journey with my friends to Lake Synevyr. The house we rented for the night is located in the village of Izki, Volovets district, Transcarpathian region, and the next settlement is the village Pylypets, where the famous ski resort is located, and in the woods nearby is a very beautiful waterfall Shypit, which we also decided to visit, using its close location to our overnight stay.

So in the morning we woke up quite late, after yesterday's party, had breakfast, handed over the keys to the apartments and went to the waterfall. As I said, it is located near a neighboring village, so we did not go long. We drove to the fenced area near the waterfall where we left our vehicle and walked on.

We walked up the stream that flows from the waterfall. Along the riverbed, there are places where there are places made of fir trunks that looked like miniature waterfalls.

Small artificial waterfalls on the river

My friend on the background of a mountain river

Just above we noticed an unusual tree, on which hung Ukrainian small-denominated paper money - the hryvnia. I don't know who did it, apparently some tourists decided to create a tradition similar to throwing coins into fountains to return to this place.

Tree with Ukrainian banknotes

Another interesting place was the ground with river stones, stacked on top of one another, frozen in unstable equilibrium. On one of these stones someone carved a Ukrainian coat of arms - a trident.

Someone carved a trident on one of the stones

Stone town by the river

These stones froze in amazing balance

Finally we approached the waterfall of Shypit (whisper in English). The origin of this name is explained by an interesting local legend.

Two families lived in the village of Pylypets. In the richer family grew up a beautiful daughter who was the pride of her parents. The noble and wealthy girl was attracted to many rich fans. But you won't tell her heart: she loved Ivanko boyfriend from a poor family. In order for their parents not to know their love, the lovers began to meet in secret, at the foot of the Great Mountain. In that desolate place, only nature witnessed their dates.

However, their meetings did not last long in secret. The whole village talked about their love, rumors reached their mother. Somehow, following her daughter, she witnessed their meeting. In anger, she cursed the young couple. And suddenly the sky turned black, the lightning struck and the thunder came, and the rain started. Stormy murky streams immediately seized Ivanka and Marichka and carried them to waterfall. At first they held hands, and then the waterfall forcefully separated their palms and threw them in opposite directions.

The mother of the girl, who witnessed the terrible tragedy, has since come to the waterfall every day. In the night of Ivan Kupalo she heard the voice of her daughter whispering to Ivanka. A stunned mother shouted, "Do you hear the whisper? They whisper to each other." Since then, the waterfall has been nicknamed 'Wisper' - "Shypit".

My friends on the background of the Shypit waterfall

Girlish band near a beautiful waterfall

Shypit waterfall

This waterfall is really beautiful, we pretty much admired it, took some photos and got back in the car. We had another great plan that day, but I'll tell you about it next time.