And again we are on the wonderful Tenerife island. A new day and new dives in grottoes and caves at new dive sites. It is always a little breathtaking underwater: there are so many interesting things around! A flute fish swims by (by the way, there are many of them there), and sea urchins pull their thorns.

And here a moray eel looks out from under the stone. It seems than she says: "Hey, don't get too close to me!"

For the first time in my 70+ dives, I felt the gas (nitrogen) narcosis that divers may begin to feel after reaching a depth of 30+ meters. These sensations are similar to alcohol intoxication. My head was a little dizzy, and the sounds of each bubble escaping from the regulator began to echo.

The fish around slowed down and moved as if they were swimming in jelly: slowly, slowly moving their fins. Amazing sensations that it is desirable to stop, slowly rising to a shallower depth, which I did — and the underwater world became familiar again.

One of the evenings after diving, we decided to climb the Montaña Chayofita volcano of great height. As much as 103 meters above sea level) In general, after diving for a day or even more, it is strictly not recommended to climb to some significant height, that is, not to go, for example, to the mountains. But we thought that 100 meters is still not a lot.

Although the volcano is low, it is very picturesque, and is located right in the center of Los Cristianos. A rather comfortable walking path leads to the very top.

And the views from there are wonderful.

Other volcanoes are visible around. These photos are made with a drone.

An oasis in the volcanic desert — Green Garden Resort & Suites Hotel. By the way — as far as I saw, all the green vegetation on the coast has to be watered. This should be quite labor intensive. Its own vegetation below, near the coast, is less lush and more adapted to the climate.

The next day, diving again. A huge school of fish glistens with its sides right in front of us, a kind of living wall constantly moving away and flowing around you. At some point, I actually found myself inside, surrounded on all sides by hundreds of tails and fins.

Another moray eel hiding under stones. But how can she hide from curious divers? :)

I do not remember what I showed there, perhaps an octopus ... I admire these creatures!

Or maybe this arrow crab that looks like a spider. They usually live next to sea urchins, most likely in symbiosis, like clown fish and anemones.

The statue of the Virgin Mary at the bottom of the sea at a depth of 30+ meters. On one of the dive sites later we found another small statue in one of the grottoes.

We spent our last evening at Los Cristianos on the beach again: a pretty sunset with a bottle of wine, a pack of jamon and a pack of Parmesan. What else do we need for happiness? :)

The big ship on the left on the horizon is the Armas ferry, which runs between all the Canary Islands and also enters Spain and Morocco.

How much I like to sit on the shore and listen to the sound of the waves! ...

Bye, Los Cristianos! The underwater part of our trip is over, but we will definitely return there. In the meantime, the ground part of the trip around the island awaits us.

To be continued...

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