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Mountain drunkenness is an addictive addiction. It is difficult to ignore the dangers of that addiction. However, in the short run of career, small retirees want to respond to this call and want to be able to respond properly.
This month, the hill was not visible in the mountains. Since there is not a long time in the hand, so we almost gave up hope.Since there is not a long time in the hand, so we almost gave up hope. In the meantime, in our Facebook Travel Group 'GDM' Alikadam Marayana proposed camping at the top of the mountain, friend Sharif. There is no need for a long time. A day can be managed in some way. Everyone agreed on the electoral decision and proceeded the next night to Alikadam. In such a short time, there was a glimpse of the bus ticket, but Lalan Bhai's court solved the problem. I was left with the car.
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Different ethnic groups call this mountain different names. Someone says, 'Marayan Tang', someone is 'Marayan Dong' and some people say 'Maring Tang'. Straight from the slope of the hill, the ekkabenkake. In it, bricks have been stretched quite a bit, which may soon become raucous. One day, maybe the entire peacock will be ripe. Although the journey is easy on that day, this romance of the hill can not be .
Our trekking started on the mountainous course of the hill. Just after trekking for a while, all the trekkers jumped up. In fact, the heat on top of the head was absorbing all the energy. Initially the slopes were tolerable, but it gradually became steep. I crossed two pahariipara in between. Everyone is busy, whose job is to The children were looking at us with the curiosity of the state. Some were trying to draw attention to a little misery.Photo Editor Pro20190416_143243.jpg
At dawn, at the call of tourmata to call the sunrise to wake up at the call. Auctioned a light breakfast in between. Like a beautiful dream, one morning. Tubu was folded after several group photoscations. Before departure of the spark, the departure will take place here. In the morning's soft sunshine, I went down to the top of the mountain, with a lot of happiness.