The rivers, streams, canals, springs and open open ground were in Dhaka city. They have all the patterns of anywhere in the four hundred year old Dhaka, nowhere. A few years ago, there was a slight stream of water going on behind Motijheel. There were crosses in the morning on the boat. Tikatuli rakshaya Shapala Chattar can not be reduced to fifteen twenty rupees. But by depositing two money in the same fisherman's Gate, the ferry boat could be crossed within 10 minutes.In the time of ferry crossing, eyes fell into pieces. The swan swords and swings in the pond. A man like an old man marches in a new boat. The man sitting on the warehouse of Gaura Gate pulled Bidi or Benson to calculate the difference between two people from the ferryman. The working class and the boss class of the city, sometimes in smoke, are bent on benson and bari.
IMG_20190111_003515.jpgDo not miss any problems. There is no constraint to fill one with another. There is no tension in the mind. The large camel farm adjacent to the large dargah. From there, the melodious song of Mike Shah Baba is in the air in the autumn of Motijheel. After leaving the boat in the background, the civic people went to the destination by passing countless cars, buses and rickshaw jams across the boat.

Dhaka is located on the banks of Buriganga River. Calcutta Ganges shore Hudson around Manhattan. Lake Ontario, across the horizons of Toronto city. All the city's water bodies have visual experiences. Somewhere as a traveler, somewhere the inhabitants In the crowd of Bhupen Hazarika's ganges or Paul Robson's vast majority of the two sides of Mississippi.
Many people have been dead for a long time in the long run. Or it can be said, those rivers that have been killed by the killer. Buriganga and the Ganges have almost come to scorching. One day the boat crossed the boat and crossed the boat. Black water waves. Ah, who is going to ruin them like that. Such a river could not be exposed by the light of the dawn. The remaining fish and humans will not take too much time to disappear in the black river.