Livelihood.. people photography by worldcapture week : 28

sharif shuvo @shuvo35June 2019 · 2 min read

Hello my dear friends. Hope are you well this time .today I share a photography for join a contest. Actually this contest host my friend @worldcapture .

come to the main issue. You guys know ,when i got free time ,then i always explore and visit many place .cause I loves travelling.
few days ago ,I got 4 days vacation for our country people celebrating festive .
4 days ,long time for me .first I decide how spending my time?then I create plan and select many place. Then ready my backpack and go for travelling.
first time i go moshastan .this the historical place in our country. This place have old king house ,museum, and others tourist attractions place .when i arrive this place ,then time many rickshaw and van drivers coming and shouting. They said to me ,where i go ? I feeling guilty cause lots of people. Then i refuse all and said ,i can't .they are stop and find out another tourist.
then i go restaurant beside bus stand for lunch .after complete my lunch then try to find out van driver . Lots driver there .miximum drivers are young but one driver old age .I also go there and contact .he keep smile. This driver help to me for visiting full area .he also explains every historical place previous story .I also enjoyed full time .when we are outing ,then the time I asked many questions this driver .why you drive van this age ? I am not to prepare for this answer. He replied his sons can't help ,they are lead single life .then he drive . This answer touch my mind .full day we are visiting many place .really mohosthan is very beautiful place .hope next time I also come again .when i back bus stand ,I asked van driver, how much ? He said exjact rent but i also pay exjact rent with extra bonus. He smile. This smile i can't forget. Salute hero .you never old ,you are young more then all .thank you .


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