Hello my dear friends, hope are you well this time. You guys know ,One time I used to take part in a competition.But nowadays time is going to be so busy all the time and what I want but I can't do as much as befor.But frankly, I try to watch every episode of your competition and I find that many people join your episode now, and I'm really impressed.Since this is an exceptional competition, today I wanted to participate in your competition.I hope you will read my content and make a well judgment @worldcapture.

come to the main issue. Today i share my contribution. Hope you friends enjoy this story.We know the lives of the people of the village but it is really difficult.How they lead this difficult life I don't really think much of the time.Where the electricity is not yet available, even in the evening it seems that many nights where there is still a lack of security, Amir thinks how people survive there.Once again it seems that they too have learned to cope with these things, and life is weird and strange.
The picture I will share today has a story behind it.I'll try to get the story well replicated before you.The holidays that I had in the past day were the perfect time to mix in rural life.I give much importance to the real essence of everything.In fact, the lives of the people of the village are very complex.Village to village market is so remote they are still dependent on village hawker.I am amazed to find that they buy so much of their daily necessities from the hawker.Village Hawker is very busy providing the village people with a service.he also tries to bring in new items so that her customers are interested in his.I have seen people make a lot of purchases from him and return home with a smile.One thing to think about is that even when we are doing our shopping at big shopping malls, some more people are turning to a village hawker for their daily life shopping.So friends today, it will be nice to see something new again next day. Thanks everyone.