Share My World: 3 days in Nairobi

Sara Jarvie @sjarvie5July 2019 · 3 min read

In June, I spent three weeks in Kenya Being a photographer for Global Resolve. The trip started in the capital city of Nairobi.

Day 1- Arriving in Nairobi
I arrived late at night and connected with Cameron, who is an ASU student and was on the same flight from London. Together we gathered our luggage, went through customs and found the rest of the group.

We had great accommodations and I was able to fall asleep right away.

The room I shared with Chloe
The Airbnb the a group of students stayed in while in Nairobi.

Day 2- Giraffe Center and the Karen Blixen House

In the early morning we met up with the Maasai guides that had come to Nairobi for the last part of their training.

The Giraffe Center

The Giraffe Center is a fantastic center.

There is a info session to learn about giraffes, especially the Rothchild Giraffe, which the center rescues.

You can also pet and feed the giraffes. It was a special experience to be so close and be able to touch and interact with these majestic animals.

Then we went on a great nature hike at the Giraffe center. It is 94 acres of beautiful nature just outside of Nairobi.

The whole group.

After the Giraffe Center we went to the Karen Blixen house. We got a tour of the grounds and house and then sat out on the lawn and discussed the impact of British Colonialism on Kenya and more specifically the Maasai people, who were our hosts for our stay in Kenya.

Karen Blixen is famous for her Memoir Out of Africa which became a famous movie in 1985 with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, 1

Beautiful grounds

Meitamei Dapash
He is our host and is the founder and Executive Director of the Maasai Environmental Resource Coalition (MERC) where we stayed, studied and worked in the Mara. He is a strong and influential activist for the Maasai community. 2

Day 3- Nairobi National Museum

The students and the Maasai guides were paired up and encourage to explore the museum together and share their knowledge and cultures with each other.

I love art!

A few things I learned in Nairobi:

  1. It is beautiful and so green
  2. The Maasai people consider themselves indigenous people and have been treated much like the Native Americans in the United States.
  3. Kenya is a very young country, only 53 years old, it gained it's independence on June 1, 1963.
  4. The people are so kind and friendly
  5. Going to Kenya in June is wonderful because it is winter there.
  6. There is some great music with Sauti Sol being one of the popular Kenyan groups

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What an amazing ride!

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That looks beautiful and just too much fun! Awesome that you got to get that close and personal to the giraffes!


Thanks it was so great to be able to be so close and to touch them.


Thanks it was so great
To be able to be so
Close and to touch them.

                 - sjarvie5

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


beautiful, green, alive and lovely... nice sharing content and photographs.




Yay i See you used the choose whatever thumbnail you want feature on

And as usual good storyboarding in your posts.


Yes, it is great to be able to pick the thumbnail. That first one of the room is interesting, but not as pretty as that giraffe!


Your trip looks so amazing. Glad you enjoyed it with your colleagues. What a well spent vacation!


Thanks for your comment. The trip was work related. It was like a vacation for the few days we spent in Nairobi getting to know the city and country.


Oh i read this as i was drawn in by the giraffes.. love them!! Looks like an awesome trip.


Hi @riverflows. Thanks for your comment. My next post is all about giraffes. They are wonderful animals.


I will keep an eye out for it!


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