Its summer and we should really be doing more hikes. Due to my back problem, I have a day of pain following each though it really doesn’t seem to deter me much.

I started using ViewRanger which is a free app on IOS and probably on Android to find places to go. It has a much greater choice than the ‘pay for’ app I was using last year but some walks cost using micro-payments.


Route is here.

Summer is just starting to arrive in the UK, through Europe has been having a heatwave for a while now. Last weekend we started an 8-mile hike I just picked out at random.

The trouble is some of these user-uploaded routes are a little dull and this one was very patchy. Parts were good and other parts, well deadly boring.


Pendleton is a sleepy village dominated by the local pub, ‘The Swan with Two Necks’ where we started and finished, and also ate (@tasteem review will be coming soon).




Walking on roads really does not hit my buttons and it was a good while before the roads turned into tracks, and then rural paths with no cars.





After around 1.5 miles this did happen but the weather we had earlier was turning gloomy. Pendle Hill is in the background and a far cry from when we last visited in its sunshine.




I do like the GPS tracking that ViewRanger gives you but occasionally the path you are supposed to be following vanishes and you are walking on some farmer’s field just like this one.

@bingbabe spotted Mr Farmer and he didn’t seem happy, though fell short from chasing us with his 12-bore shotgun for trespassing.




The path eventually reemerged and we commenced walking through this densely grassy field and would shortly be crossing a busy dual carriageway.




For the next 3 miles, it was eternally dull. This road went on and on and on. We saw plenty of cyclists and even some brain dead motorists coming down this narrow road. I say that as it runs parallel to a fast carriageway.



Eventually, we were off the road again but then encountered several styles. It's not fun trying to cart a terrified dog over these things, especially when he's a little wet on the underside.



Crossing back over the carriageway, was the most interesting part of this hike. I noticed some anti-climbing fencing which means there’s something derelict around.


Sure enough Pendle View Fisheries has ceased business. We used to buy fish here, and I remember they used to catch them while you watched. Talk about fresh!



Now there’s a single building left. @bingbabe was not happy at me going having a nosey around, but it’s just in my blood now.



Sure enough, the door of the house had been busted open and I simply walked in. The Liverpool scarf stuck out right away and there was no shortage of things to look at if I had the time.





Unfortunately, I didn't as @bingbabe was getting agitated so I had to leave before digging into the goodies. I may come back at a later date.



Yet another stile led us into a large open field with lots of sheep and so we simply had to follow the GPS and hope that we were heading the right away.




After heading through a thicket with some lovely gnarled trees that I could use for a @kus-knee contest it was back on the roads again, sigh.


This area was very well to do with large houses containing tennis courts, CCTV and guarded gates.


There was even a castle, or it looked like one. There was CCTV everywhere on this huge mansion. Someone had spent a lot of money on it.

We were both starting to flag by this point, probably due to the lack of things to look at. Walking on country roads even mostly devoid of vehicles just is not interesting.


This sign must have been written by someone quite illiterate. Look at the spelling. It's private and leased to what?!!! BAA…, is that a union of white-fleeced sheep? George Orwell's Animal Farm may just have been realised.


After 3.5 hours we saw the Swan with Two Necks finally come into view. Not the most interesting hike but it had its moments.


I will vet the next one properly before setting out. At least now we have a variety of routes to travel thanks to the excellent ViewRanger.

And Lastly.. I'm using SteamPeak to post this as seems to have vanished. I hope it's temporary.



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