At what point does one decide that a prospective Urbex target is not really valid and is really a borefest?


I had this discussion with @goblinknackers recently as we were traipsing through yet another old mill and the yawns were setting in.


I’m in Lanzarote right now and the number of half finished buildings is numerous.

They are easy to spot as the graffiti boys get to work quite quickly and make them stick out like a sore thumb.

Yet many of them I will ignore as they have little to offer besides boredom.


Yesterday, while en-route to Timanfaya National Park I spotted something that looked interesting amidst the moans and groans from @bingbabe and @dismayedworld who reluctantly tolerate my somewhat unusual hobby.

It was earmarked as a visit on the return leg, me pulling up the car and hopping across a not so busy rural stretch of road.


Noting the ‘for sale’ signs and the the open front door I poked my head in expecting to see ruin and decay.

I don’t know what the trepass laws are in Spain but wasn’t expecting to stick around for very long.


If the cops were coming then I would be long gone, that’s my stance on this. Get in, take your shots, get out. It always works, even if someone sees you enter.


Whether there are actually TWO villa’s is a question I would like answered.


One was in a poor state but not too vandalised inside beside the graffiti and then there was the other one which I will come to later.

Being in a rural location has probably saved this villa from being in a much worse state.


Someone has knocked a few holes in some of the walls but compared to some of the shit-holes I see in the UK, it was in remarkably good condition.



The text reads 2002, I wonder it it’s been empty for so long?



I guess the previous owner has at least one kid, toys seem to hang around these places.




The second villa appeared to be concreted up in the same way we see buildings in the UK.


However, one window around the back was open and looking inside told me someone might possibly be living here.

’was it a vagrant female housed up inside?’


The sleeping gear seemed to be quite new and that bag come pouch told me female.

I considered jumping through the gap, but thought better of it. What was in that pouch? If someone was living here then it’s like invading their house.

You need to be careful of your actions. I’m quite sure said female was NOT there at the time but she could have come from behind a wall wielding a great axe and I could have lost my knackers.

Who knows what was inside other than what I could see?

This building looked lovely and could well make someone a lovely home.


It’s a real shame to see it discarded unloved and un-lived in (besides a possible axe wielding homeless desperado).


’someone had taken a right old piece out of this wall, it’s amazing what people will do to get in some places’


I left through the broken gate after around 15 minutes or so. There were no bad vibes though I got that isolated feeling once again which is why I rarely do solo Urbexing.


I guess this outhouse is part of the deal if you buy one or both villa’s. I need to take more care to remove my shadows from photographs.

Given the much better weather in Lanzarote this property has survived the tests of time than if it was located in the United Kingdom.


Rain and damp are the scourges of abandoned residential homes or any other locations. It’s good to see this one is still in a sell-able condition.



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