A sunny day in Lisbon

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· March 2019 · 2 min read · Portugal · #portugal

Best thing to do on a sunny day in Lisbon?

Well, there’s probably many but what WE did was pick up a couple of hop on hop off electric scooters (there are literally hundreds all over the city!) and head down the river to explore Belém Tower. Easily one of the coolest castles either of us have seen - a big call when living in Europe - but being surrounded by water on all sides with just the right amount of spiral staircases to explore and with banging views from the top, it’s hard to beat!
We were also super lucky being there in February (aka off-season) with few tourists but still sunny warm weather.

After taking our noble steeds (scooters) back to Lisbon centre, we walked some of the steeper streets of the city (which we caught glimpses of on our tram 28 journey and were treated with sightings of what have to be the funkiest trams ever on one of the steepest street I (@small) EVER want to walk up!

Thankfully at the top there was PARK - a bar with probably the best view of the city. We were lucky to grab some seats right at the edge and watch the sun set over beautiful Lisbon (last photo in the film).

After wining and dining the night away I can’t tell you how happy we were to find an escalator taking us up the worst of the hills back to our home while in Lisbon.

Sometimes in life you get lucky - this day was certainly one of our luckiest!

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Cool video! I was also in Lisbon in February a few years ago, but I didn't get so sunny weather but a storm, :) and there's only me and another visitor at the Belém Tower. I was almost blown away by the incredibly strong wind, haha.

How cool would it be though, visiting a castle when the wind blows through the canon holes! We love sun, but a good storm gives an amazing feeling too!