In my dive introduction post I told you guys that I (the tall of @smalltall) went to Egypt in January on a diving trip. This was a trip full of firsts for me which started with getting my PADI! This video shows just my first day of diving in the open ocean and some of the exercises I undertook in getting my PADI open water diver course.

This video was shot using my brand new GoPro 7 black. Being the first time I used a GoPro, I have a lot to learn! Nevertheless, I am super happy with the quality of the footage - it's bright and sharp and the colours are pretty vibrant too! All the footage was shot without a filter or post production - if you have any dive filming or GoPro tips, I'd love to hear them.

We (tall definitely couldn't do it without small) edited the footage using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. The possibilities of this program are amazing - it was my first time using the program and I was really impressed! If you see any posibilities to improve our editing, please leave a comment.

Enough about the technique behind it...

Let's dive!!

WOW! Diving is an awesome feeling. As soon as you are below the surface there is peace, silence, focussed breathing and, of course, the crazy beautiful nature. I found it incredibly theraputical (much like yoga for small)!

Our opening post gives a hint of how we both are - not great at sitting still. With more hobbies than time, we live a pretty active and full life. Diving forces you to slow down and enjoy just floating - I loved it!

This video is a complilation of some of the footage taken while doing my PADI open water diver course. It was super cool to learn all these techniques, I would definitely consider undertaking some advanced courses in the furture. The PADI course starts with a theoretical part which ends with an exam. Diving starts in a contained area, for me it was a small pool in the hotel. It is fun playing around in the pool, but the sea was where I really wanted to be! After we ticked all the boxes in the pool, it was finally time for the sea.

The conditions and location were WAY too nice as a first diving experience - I've been absolutely spoilt. Visibility was around 25 to 30 meters with a 'mid-winter' temperature of 24C. The Red Sea is famous for the healthy and colourful corals with a great diversity of life. You'll see me doing some of the necessary exercises for the PADI in between the fish and beautiful corals. What a way to learn diving!

And this was only the first day of my diving adventure...more to follow!

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