Hihi, Tall here!

The Netherlands is, in case you're not aware, defined by the water. Within The Netherlands there is a province called Zeeland (literally translates to sea land) which, as you can imagine, has even more water! Well, this little province is where I grew up so water has always been a huge part of my life. BUT it took me until earlier this year to get my PADI which was absolutely epic.

Since that dive only 6 months ago, a lot has changed. In just a few short weeks our lives will be turned upside down as we move to the other side of the world giving up everything we have to start a new chapter. Well, Small is cheating a bit, she's lived there before, but for me it's all new, exciting and scary.

When I realised our time on this side of the world was quickly running out, I started seeing my surroundings with an entirely different perspective. I had become so used to the beauty right in front of me that I forgot to actually look at it! Zeeland (where we currently live) is a stunning province and a popular tourist destination - for good reason!

Diving is one of the many great reasons that tourists flock to Zeeland. I may have seen under The amazing Red Sea but I hadn't even seen under the water that has been such a constant my entire life. UNTIL NOW! I felt I would regret it forever if I didn't take the opportunity while I still had it!

So, last week, it was time to dust off the flippers, work on my sign language and dive into the biggest salt water lake of western Europe and explore my own back yard!

Introducing the Grevelingenmeer!

First things first: it's so hard to compare this with my diving experiences in Egypt. The visibility is WAYYY less than in Egypt but actually it gives a totally different effect on the dive. It makes you focus on what is right in front of you instead of what's in the distance - something this intercontinental move is teaching me to do more of everyday.

I had no idea what to expect on this dive and somehow I was still super surprised! There was so much more life than I ever thought we'd see and, while different to Egypt, the Grevelingenmeer was definitely beautiful in its own right!

We've got three weeks left in The Netherlands and I damn well plan on squeezing in some extra dives!

I hope you enjoy the video! Let me know what you think!

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