Argentine capital is very popular for its beautiful streets full of life and culture: obelisk, recoleta, colon theater, planetarium and many other emblematic sites are of interest to tourists who visit this beautiful South American city, but ...

What else to do in Buenos Aires?

Today I bring you a recommendation so you know another place: This is: Tigre, a peculiar province about 40 minutes away. It is an ideal trip for all-day, leaving early and returning in the afternoon.

When visiting Tigre it is very common to see catamarans or boats pass by the river that borders the city. There are different tour operators who offer walks of an hour or more to admire the cozy town, while enjoying delicious desserts and drinks.


Tigre Buenos aires

Boat, Tigre

In this city there is a pleasant atmosphere, with many restaurants of different styles. There is also Costa Park, which is one of the most visited places, due to number of attractions it offers, such as roller coasters and amusements that include water.

Now, how to get there?

To get from Buenos Aires you have several alternatives, from hiring a tour with a travel agency, renting a vehicle, taking a bus or train.

    • Bus: it is an economical option, but the trip could is very long and tedious. Sincerely is not the most recommended, but if you like, you take the collective, line 60.
    • Vehicle: Crossing the Pan-American avenue and then towards the Tigre road, in approximately 35 minutes you would be knowing the charms of this Buenos Aires province. It is a fast option and without stops.
    • Tour operators: travel agencies offer packages and full day with meals included. They offers a tourist bus with panoramic view that provides service. On this page you can see the associated prices.
    • Train: there are two lines that you can take to get to Tigre from Buenos Aires. Starting from the Retiro station, Mitte Line, arriving at different terminals.
      • Directly: Retiro - Tigre, the tour is fast and also economical. There are frequent departures, you can check the prices and hours on official page.
      • With stopover: Retiro - Delta, transferring at Maipú station to board "La Costa Train". In my case, this was the transport that I chose and I recommend you. It has a higher cost than the direct line, but it is cheaper than touristic tours. The advantage is you can go at your own pace and get to know localities of Buenos Aires north, making stops at locations that call your attention
Buenos aires tigre

Train station, Maipú

La Costa Train

As its name indicates, it makes the route along the coast of La Plata River, until it reaches the Delta in Tigre. The train has large windows through which you can see the beautiful residential areas of the outskirts of the capital. Once you have the ticket, you can get off at 11 stations or those of your preference.
recorrido tren de la costa

Route - Coast Train, Official Web
My recommendation is to get off at Anchorena, there you will have a lovely view of La Plata River with Buenos Aires in the background. It is worth taking some time to admire the landscape and capture some photographs. In my opinion it is what makes this route the best choice.

Anchorena Buenos Aires Tigre

La Plata River and Buenos Aires - Anchorena Station

plate river

La Plata River

In Anchorena is Dover Club restaurant, which I show you in the next photo. I did not go because it was early and I preferred to have lunch in Tigre, although it is a valid alternative to eat overlooking the river.
Dover club anchorena


Combine both trains

One possibility is to make the route with the coastal train on the outward journey and, return by the direct train line, in this way you enjoy the best of both. The wonderful views to go and a trip without transfers to return to the fascinating Buenos Aires.

Tigre Estación

Train Terminal, Tigre

Final reflection

Mean of transport with which you feel comfortable will be ideal for you, the most important thing is that if you visit Buenos Aires do not miss the opportunity to share a different day, knowing the cozy city of Tigre.


I hope these recommendations are helpful, feel free to leave me in the comments any questions or information you want to add.

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