A Travellers Guide To ATMs (26 March 2018 Edition).

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The following list provides information about using foreign bank cards in ATMs abroad.

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A-Z Of Countries And ATM Information


Banks - ATMs

Max Withdraw

*Additional Info


Maybank - Free*
1000 USD**
*Free only for Visa cards. **Limit seems to be set by card issuing bank. I only withdrew 200 USD so I cannot confirm the 1000 USD claim.


Banco International - Free

Morocco -

Most ATMs in Morocco do not charge fees for using foreign cards.*
*These ATMs are exceptions and may charge fees: Société Générale.


Max Withdraw

Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP) - Free*
700 Soles
*Limited to one withdrawal every 30 days.
Caja Arequipa - Free*
700 Soles
*Only free for Visa Cards, MasterCards are charged 18 Soles.

Thailand -

There are currently no ATMs in Thailand that are free for foreign card holders.
Aeon Bank - Charges 150 Baht*
20000 Baht
*lowest known fee.
Krungsri Bank - Charges 200 Baht*
30000 Baht
*This bank has a higher fee but allows a larger withdraw which works out slightly better.

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Card Information

UK Cards


Nationwide Debit Card (Visa)
Charge for withdraws from foreign ATMs, £1 +2% | Charge for purchases in foreign currencies, +2%. (Visa currency exchange rates).
Revolut Prepaid Debit Card (MasterCard)
ATM withdraws are free up to £200 per month, +2% thereafter | Purchases in foreign currencies are free. (Revolut currency exchange rates).

US Cards


Schwab Brokerage Account + Checking Account (Visa)
Refunds all ATM fees incurred monthly. (You must open a brokerage account, minimum investment $1000.) US residents only.

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