Almost everybody would agree that the passing year 2020 was a special one. For me it meant switching from travel-intensive work (155 flights last year!) to home office. It also meant more hiking in my home country than travelling abroad. Let me share my impressions of the Year 2020 in 12 Photos - June.

Photo of the month

Hiking in full throttle, I trekked in mountains every Saturday in June. I started a hike of 500km across the Beskids, Poland. I would finish it in August. However, my photo of the month is not related to mountains. It is from a little village in south-eastern Poland called Zalipie. The village is famous for its colorfully painted houses. Most of the paintings are flower patterns on while walls. The tradition is dying out, but there are still about 30 painted buildings. It's a museum - people do live in the houses. definitely a place to visit.

Zalipie, Poland
Zalipie, Poland

Runner Up

The runner up photos will be from mountains. The first one is Tarnica in the Bieszczady mountains. The mountains are located in the south-eastern corner of Poland. They are quite remote. I enjoyed broad views without any sign of civilization. I also enjoyed their "fifty shades of green" - effect of a few weeks of rains followed by sunny weather. The photo was taken from Halicz, a peak where I could sit for hours and breathe in the views.

Tarnica in the Bieszczady Mts, Poland
Tarnica in the Bieszczady Mts, Poland

Also on the podium

The third photo is really from the same range as the one above. I simply could not resist the 'greenness' of Połoniny. Połoniny are mountain meadows, above the tree line. The word comes from a stem meaning 'empty, unused' and describes very well how beautiful the mountains are.

Połoniny, the Bieszczady Mts, Poland
Połoniny, the Bieszczady Mts, Poland

Stay Tuned

This was the third post in the series Year 2020 in 12 Photos - June. I will post consecutive months over the last 12 days of December 2020. Stay tuned!

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