An adventure tour implies that a series of challenges must be passed to reach the end of the goal. Many times, the adventure ends in a few seconds but the memory and the adrenaline feeling generated by that moment last for a lifetime and if memory could fail, photographs are the best resource we have to experience that moment again.

Going down in a canoe at a height of 30 meters.
Going down in a canoe at a height of 30 meters.

For those who have not experienced canyoning is a discipline that tries to climb a considerable height, either a mountain, wall, something high and then jump into the void with their respective security measures of course, is the descent through canyons or waterfalls by a rope with the technique of rappelling.

Here I am in Pozo Azul in the state of Cojedes, Tinaquillo Venezuela to reach the well you have to pass through several mountains and cross walking several rivers that reach the height of 1.50 meters is not very high but if enough for someone of small stature like me, and if you pass with luggage is more difficult the journey.

Pozo Azul is a waterfall of crystalline blue water and very cold but it is well worth the effort to know it, after reaching the well you have to climb the last mountain, grabbing any mountain and climb almost stopped with a great slope, the best thing is not to look back and if the person suffers from vertigo or fear of heights is better to desist from his last step and not climb, as did many of my group because once you start to climb there is no way to return but by launching the cayoning.

Although I am one of those who think that if you have already passed 3 mountains and walked several kilometers in two hours it is a pity that at the last moment you lose the motivation to have the experience you were looking for just because you are not facing your fears, you have to dare to live new experiences life is one and it is very short.

Thank you for accompanying me on this tour, I hope you enjoyed it if you go to Venezuela do not forget to visit this place.

The images belong to me were taken with my Olympus Stylus Tough waterproof camera

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