Hi guys from here, today I want to share my old pictures from Angkor Wat Temple of Cambodia.

There are some the pictures from my family in Angkor Wat also. I feel missing time before when I staying only at home.

This is picture my mom and my niece with her daughter and my daughter SreyYuu (@KidSisters) with me on March, 2011.

I always feeling miss my mom very much, missing but I canโ€™t to see her again. This picture at Angkor Wat temple.

This is picture in front of the Angkor Wat temple. This picture my two daughters and me, when they called me mama single ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ง.

At April, 2016 I visited Angkor Wat when Cambodian New Year with my family.

This is my old picture from 10 years ago. I took this picture in Angkor Wat temple. I made style like apsara dancer.

I dreamed when Iโ€™m a kid, I want to dance apsara. I love it very much but I not have chance in my life because my family very poor and we lived in countryside.

These are apsara women in the Angkor Wat.

These is my lovely family in Siem Reap City and this picture in front temple.

He is my nephew. His job is tuk-tuk driver and guide in the Siem Reap City of Cambodia.

Sunrise at Angkor Wat. I love this pictures very much really beautiful. I have this pictures from my nephew.

My old picture in temple, I forgot name its temple already because it very long time.

This my grandson from my big sister. He is very cute boy.

My picture with my niece our on the street go to Angkor Wat.

We have the same birthday. You all tell me, she and me who is older?

This picture waterfall in Phnom Kulen with my family and friends. When I was in single ๐Ÿ˜ itโ€™s 15 years ago.

This my big sister. She took this photo in Banteay Srey temple a few days. Looks very beautiful. I love my sister very much and respect her like my mom.

He is brother in law, husband my sister. He took pictures is in Angkor Wat.

Cambodia has many temple and very wonderful and so pretty.Every year we have so many tourism come to play our country and they come for business and some people living also. I hope someday I can to see its again.


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